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I tweet about startups, growing businesses, and product strategy. Co-founder of @usefyi and @producthabits with @MarieProkopets. Past: @crazyegg & KISSmetrics.

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Startup life can be summed up in three steps: 1. Find problem 2. Fix problem 3. Go back to step 1 Works for every thing you need to do in a startup. Growth is determined by a combination of how fast you can go through the steps successfully and how long you can keep at it.


The physical location of where you start your business doesn’t matter anymore. Not because of remote work. Because of the infinite access to information and people that the Internet has unlocked. This is why single person sustainable companies can exist today. The Internet.


When you start a business your job is to do everything. As you grow a business your job is to find and convince other people to do 99% of what you used to do. Both sets of skills are required to scale yourself and the business you created.


Business concepts that have become consumed by confusion. Agile Lean Startup MVP (minimum viable product) Growth Hacking Product/market fit They can’t be discussed without disagreement.


Startups are a vehicle to create what doesn’t exist yet. That is why so many startups fail. You might create something that isn’t meaningful enough at the time it was created for it to continue to exist. That is why old ideas that failed make a come back & succeed years later.


The biggest opportunities for growth are often disguised as pain.


Focus on these three things to understand how to grow any business: 1. People 2. Processes 3. Tools In that order.


Growing a startup is a fun challenge. Successful businesses that reach scale often stagnate. The early days of growth can greatly reduce the chances of stagnation as a business scales.


Moving fast means you are doing more. This will increase the amount of failures you have even if your failure rate stays the same. Something to keep in mind as you grow.


People say running a business gets harder over time. You’re dealing with more customers, team members and competition. They say this because it gets harder to change as you grow. The solution is to create an organization from the start that knows how to adapt to change.


The move to online-first everything is going to accelerate at a breakneck speed. Driven by both fear and necessity. It’s not just about remote work. It’s about businesses being able to continue growing without relying on in-person meetings and events.


Startups grow you as you grow them.


Chaos starts a business while systems grow a business. The transition from chaos to systems tends to be rough. And there’s isn’t a single way, path or template to follow in order to successfully make the transition. It’s *always* contextual.


An opinionated product gets people to share their opinion about it. Thus, reinforcing the opinions of the creators and intention behind the product. It’s like building word of mouth into your product.


How to grow: 1. Do things intentionally 2. Repeat what’s working 3. Stop what’s not working Work and life, alike.


The #1 mistake founders make is losing focus towards their most logical and deliberate next milestones.

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