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I tweet about startups, growing businesses, and product strategy. Co-founder of @usefyi and @producthabits with @MarieProkopets. Past: @crazyegg & KISSmetrics.

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Startups need early believers.


Your best marketing copy is sitting in the customer’s mind.


Build something people want to tell their friends about.


Product development never ends because solving problems for customers is a never ending journey. Each problem you solve leads you to the next one.


Customers don’t care about how your product works. They only care about how well it works for them. And that’s exactly what you should care about too.


Nothing beats people caring for other people. In life and in business.


The customer doesn't care about your excuses as to why their experience with your product sucks.


Timeless business advice that’s easier said than done: Know your customer better than anyone else. Then apply what you know with maniacal customer obsession. Being customer obsessed never gets old.


Most people don’t remember who was first to market, they remember the brand that continues to win their hearts and minds.


Marketing doesn’t work unless you actually understand your customers.


Customers don't care about your technical debt even when that's why you can't ship.


Most SaaS websites have too much copy that customers don't care about.


All too often, in a startup marketing meeting we come to a slide which I call “the marketing sh!t list”. It’s a list of a dozen or so tactics. No data. No campaigns. No strategy. This isn’t how you do marketing. Start with your customer. First, find out where they hang out.


Announcements of products/features that are 1-2 quarters away aren’t for customers. These announcements are for shareholders.


People say running a business gets harder over time. You’re dealing with more customers, team members and competition. They say this because it gets harder to change as you grow. The solution is to create an organization from the start that knows how to adapt to change.


People will jump through a lot of hoops and friction to use your product if the value proposition aligns with a really timely and strong need for them.


We are in the era of software commoditization. Features and even benefits are now interchangable between products. Differentiation comes from brand, distribution and speed of execution on whatever moats you can create around the core value you deliver to customers.


The best product people relentlessly pursue customer value. Without bias.

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