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I tweet about startups, growing businesses, and product strategy. Co-founder of @usefyi and @producthabits with @MarieProkopets. Past: @crazyegg & KISSmetrics.

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One of the worst recurring problems that companies of all sizes have is keeping people around who aren’t working out.


First to market is less important than first to scale.


Customers don’t care about how your product works. They only care about how well it works for them. And that’s exactly what you should care about too.


Products that target a large market don’t usually start by boiling the ocean. They build incrementally after finding a hugely valuable solution to a single pain point. It’s too easy to look at a company after it’s scaled and believe the opposite - that they started with it all.


Business concepts that have become consumed by confusion. Agile Lean Startup MVP (minimum viable product) Growth Hacking Product/market fit They can’t be discussed without disagreement.


Timeless business advice that’s easier said than done: Know your customer better than anyone else. Then apply what you know with maniacal customer obsession. Being customer obsessed never gets old.


Most people don’t remember who was first to market, they remember the brand that continues to win their hearts and minds.


We need more factual stories about founding companies and the early days. Everything except fundraising.


People who start businesses don’t have careers. No ladder to climb. A never-ending maze.


Marketing doesn’t work unless you actually understand your customers.


The larger an organization gets, the harder it is to know what’s happening and who’s doing what. This problem is currently unsolved.


A big enough market hides a lot of mistakes for a long time.


People say running a business gets harder over time. You’re dealing with more customers, team members and competition. They say this because it gets harder to change as you grow. The solution is to create an organization from the start that knows how to adapt to change.


There should be no difference between a startup and a business.


Many companies are learning the challenges of remote / distributed work first hand right now.


Nothing beats adding value.


The #1 mistake founders make is losing focus towards their most logical and deliberate next milestones.

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