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Founder Initialized. PM/designer/eng turned Forbes Midas List Top 100 VC in startups worth over $40B, before product-market fit.

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If you are a startup that has an overfunded competitor that is actually a scam, the least you can do is sleep knowing those other founders have to keep finding more money and bigger fools. You do you. Grow faster and scrappier. The score will take care of itself.


When there is a lot of competition you have basically one tool: specialization Pick off a smaller set of customers and solve their problems completely and in a deeper way. Focus on one city or locality and drive network effects. Then expand. Do what the competition won’t.


About 50 reviews through 300 YC applications submitted for comment. Surprising how unaware people are of competition. Yes, you don't die by competition, but when you make something new, you should be hyper-aware of what Google might tell people to use instead of you.


If you’re on the journey and some clones come with their copy machines, know that people like that generally don’t have the determination to stick it out 10 years to win. Every winning startup is the 10 year overnight success. Few people want to sign up for that lift.


When your competitor starts stealing phrases off your homepage, know you are pushing their pressure points. Push harder, until you win.


When founders ask about positioning vs competitors, I think of Glengarry Glen Ross— 1st prize is a Cadillac Eldorado. 2nd prize is a set of steak knives. 3rd prize is you’re fired. Better to find a niche where you win first prize than to be one of an undifferentiated many.


In a crowded startup market with lots of competition you must either out-raise your opponents or out-cockroach them.


If you’re a startup and your main competitor is apathy, then you’re not solving a big enough problem.

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