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It saddens me that "must be passionate" has become code word for "must be willing to work two-jobs hours for one-job pay".


If you have to get up at 4am to get any work done, your workplace is broken.


The amount of skepticism expressed at the idea that it's possible to start a new company on a ~40h workweek blows my mind. I've been borderline accused of lying several times when I account for our path of doing just that. This is what the ideology of workism brings.


Make it work ➤ Make it right ➤ Make it fast


Work calmly, play casually.


Defining the Real Startup as one that has hockey-stick growth out the gate, raises lots of money, forces people to work 80-100h weeks is the same gate-keeping bullshit that casts ideal founders as 20-something white hoodie nerds or Real Programmers as CS grads.


It’s a good thing Big Tech salaries are what they are. It’s probably a lot easier to drown the existential dread that is working for these companies with expensive champagne than with cheap beer. BUT I JUST WORK HERE soothes better when drunk in either case.


Way to make 40 hrs/week count is to spend vast majority immersed in the zone of personal productivity. Collaboration as occasional minority.


Goofing off at work is how you retain your sanity when work is intent of robbing you of it.


Using 'grit' as a euphemism for working break-neck hours and sleeping terribly is romanticizing desperation for its own sake.


The problem with inequality in the U.S. isn't that tech workers should be brought down, but that everyone else should be brought up.


Many existing programmers like to snub at newcomers who are "only there for the money". You can come for the money, and STILL do great work.


Paying for developer productivity & joy has newer been a better deal. Servers much cheaper, developers much more expensive than in say '04.


There's a greater than good chance you simply stumbled into this job, found a trend and rode it, and attribute that your own magnificence.


You can snub for passion, cultural fit, college pedigree, starting age, or you can just look at the work.

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