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It's the worst of times and the best of times in tech right now. Big tech and a horde of zombie unicorns, backed by vulture capital, are spoiling our internet, stealing our data, and robbing their workers. But there's finally a seed of hope in the awareness that's growing.


Defining the Real Startup as one that has hockey-stick growth out the gate, raises lots of money, forces people to work 80-100h weeks is the same gate-keeping bullshit that casts ideal founders as 20-something white hoodie nerds or Real Programmers as CS grads.


A common defense for venture capital is that “it’s just a tool! / Use it when you need it!”. But it’s more than that. It’s an ideology that speaks to what’s important, who is important, what success looks like, when it’s acceptable to screw over workers and customers.


Software has been eating the world alright. The financiers of such software consumed the bulk of the nutrients, and the rest of the world was left with the excrements. Talk about a shit show.


Raising tons of venture capital is all fun and games until 1) you're sued for fraud, 2) it runs out before you have a plan to return it 10x.


When looking at company software options, like for video chat, I'd love a browser plugin that would instantly tell me how a company I'm looking at was funded. I have no interest in signing up for a VC-backed option that's likely going to be shut down, sold, or IPO in X time.


So you can't have $$$ in VC; awesome, learn to bootstrap profitably. So you can't hire $$$ programmers; great, reduce unemployment at home.


The admitted business model of venture capital is to be COMPLETELY WRONG the vast majority of the time and hope a few hits will pay for it.


Biggest delusion of grandeur from venture capital: If not for our money, nothing we invested in would ever exist! 😂

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