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Remember when “working real hard” had a goal? Like getting out of a shitty situation, so you could stop wearing yourself thin. Now the prize for “working real hard” and making it big is that you get to “work real hard” forever. Hustle culture sucks.


If you want to have an impact, be prepared to say the same thing for a decade.


Whenever I hear that the average employee turn-over in technology is two years, I wonder how anyone gets anything done.


I get that I sound like a broken record on a reasonable work week, not discriminating against parents, getting enough sleep, and focusing on making the hours count rather than just spending more of them. You know what? That's okay with me. Progress is a long arc.


Change happens slowly, and then all at once.


There are no shortcuts to accessing programming talent: Only reviewing and discussing relevant work product. Takes time, effort.


The deep satisfaction in working and growing with the same people for a decade+ is the rare treat of going the distance. Be a stayup!


The Early Adopter part of the curve gets all the glory, but the late majority is where accumulated progress improves the life of the many.


Maybe it’s because I really am starting to get old, but I’ve been yearning for print magazines after a decade of digital. And two titles tower above all on the wishlist: Edge and evo. What great mags, both.


This is one of the reasons I hope mankind never discovers immortality. Most minds grow rigid with age, morals stuck in youth.

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