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Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp & HEY, NYT best-selling author, and Le Mans 24h class-winning racing driver.

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Whenever I hear that the average employee turn-over in technology is two years, I wonder how anyone gets anything done.


There's nothing like that feeling that you're pulling the thread on a big idea. The idea is still fuzzy, but you keep moving the code around, and it slowly becomes clearer, one refactoring at the time. It's in this phase I cannot stand to write tests first.


Make it work ➤ Make it right ➤ Make it fast


The problem with blindly celebrating “hard work” is that it mistakenly equates effort with consequence.


The easiest way to live a happy life is to be content with the broadest range of possible outcomes.


There's a lot of focus on productivity when it comes to remote work, and yes, that's a key factor, but it's not close to the most important one. HUMAN FLOURISHING is far more crucial! Productivity plays into that in the form of accomplishments, but so does a location of love.


Nothing wrong with liking algos/riddles/puzzles, though! Just not good predictors of software writing chops relevant to most info systems.


You reap the change from the beginnings you’re willing to support. Nothing sprouts out of the ground in its final, perfect form.


4-tier / micro-service architectures are organizational scaling patterns far more than they're tech. 1st rule of distributed systems: Don't.


One of the ways I've changed my mind on advertising over the years is by thinking of it less as ROI! but as "how can we support cool events, smart media, interesting creators", then looking at attributable signups more as the gravy than the potatoes.


Every new abstraction and indirection will independently appear warranted. It’s not until you view the whole integrated system.

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