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The productivity boost from working remotely does not come from replacing all those in-office meetings with a bunch of video calls. It comes from turning all those meetings into write-ups instead. Status updates, pitches, ideas. Write. Them. Down.


Work From Home is crucial step to take for all companies that are able. But let's not pretend that anyone can put in 100% during these times. If you expect everyone to still hit every deadline, nail every commitment, you're delusional, and you need to stop.


If you have to get up at 4am to get any work done, your workplace is broken.


Not hard to see why many bosses oppose remote work: They lose a captive audience contractually obligated to listen to every stupid new idea.


We need a government mandate telling companies with employees that can work from home that they must do so. Way too many executives are hiding behind "if the gov isn't telling us to do this, it must be safe to carry on as normal".


There's a lot of focus on productivity when it comes to remote work, and yes, that's a key factor, but it's not close to the most important one. HUMAN FLOURISHING is far more crucial! Productivity plays into that in the form of accomplishments, but so does a location of love.


Boss sees evidence of remote working making for happier, more productive workers. Counters with belief” culture is “harmed”. Checkmate.

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