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Version of democracy that never existed: 1) Perfectly informed electorate, 2) Rational arguments always trumping emotional, 3) Full turnout.


Yes, Europe needs a digital independence movement, but how about instead of pinning those hopes on a bunch of rebels with a shoestring budget, Europeans ask their elected officials to do what they've been elected to do: Govern.


Democracy is all fun and games until a majority votes a different way than I'd like.


Political police language: "Civil forfeiture" = stealing, "Parallel reconstruction" = lying, "Justified shooting" = murder.


Dichotomy between democratic socialism and capitalism is completely bollocks: You can reap all the benefits of free markets and enterprise, even if you then turn around and spend half of those proceeds on broad societal benefits and services. Great combination


The real threat of AI is that THE ALGORITHM correctly concludes that the most destructive political leadership is the global maxima for engagement.


I understand the societal function of nationalism, as per Fukuyama’s progression from kinship links, but this idea of “but I love my country” strikes me as, ironically, worse than “I love my family”. There’s a level of unconditionality implied that scales really poorly.


New rule: You don't get to complain about the political state of affairs if continue to vote in the same dynasties who got us here.


Democracy is only the answer as long as you people keep electing 'acceptable' candidates. Know the scope of your mandate, peasants.

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