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Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp & HEY, NYT best-selling author, and Le Mans 24h class-winning racing driver.

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Most people equate compliant kids with "good kids". No wonder so many of these kids grow up to comply with all sorts of bad authorities.


There's never been a better or more prosperous time in tech to allow employees the freedom to follow their conscience. You absolutely do not have to work for the surveillance state, programming censorship apparatus, or writing defensive press releases to find employment.


The problem with "don't be evil" wasn't that it couldn't be done, but that it couldn't be scaled. We shouldn't ridicule people for believing in principles, but we should absolutely call them out when they abandon them.


I often say I don't have a lot of regrets in life, but if I have one, it's been from the attention wasted chasing inbox zero in a traditional email client for years. Inbox zero is tyranny when everyone has direct access to write you about anything at any time.


Unpopular opinion: Any opinion interesting enough to make a compelling tweet is unpopular with someone. Yet that label is only applied when the writer fears the wrath of their in-group. Ditch the label and the assumption that every utterance needs to be an in-group belly rub.


If you can only work with people with whom you agree on everything all the time, you're going to miss out on working with the best people.


You can be a free-market advocate and still believe the profit motive doesn’t have a place in education, health care, prisons, etc.


It's difficult to get an entrepreneur to understand something, when their valuation depends on them not understanding it.


It’s a good thing Big Tech salaries are what they are. It’s probably a lot easier to drown the existential dread that is working for these companies with expensive champagne than with cheap beer. BUT I JUST WORK HERE soothes better when drunk in either case.


It's hard shouting against the wind and have it feel like nobody hears what you have to say. But if you keep at it, you might just find the wind finally change direction, and suddenly your message is heard loud and clear.


Reminder: Not only is it possible to disagree with someone without labeling them an idiot, you can cheerfully agree on the next subject too.


How to present as deep thinker while never actually saying anything or risk being wrong: “It really depends. You have to consider your context.”


It's a rare argument, political or technical, that changes the mind of your counterpart. The realistic goal is to persuade spectators.


One of the ways I've changed my mind on advertising over the years is by thinking of it less as ROI! but as "how can we support cool events, smart media, interesting creators", then looking at attributable signups more as the gravy than the potatoes.


This is one of the reasons I hope mankind never discovers immortality. Most minds grow rigid with age, morals stuck in youth.


I support everyone's right to self-medicate their lived experience, whether by drugs and/or religion. Just let others have theirs.

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