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It continues to blow my mind that "it's just a few bad apples" is being used as an excuse to do nothing, when the proverb is literally "a few bad apples SPOILS THE BUNCH". The moral lesson is not about the existence of bad apples, but that failure to remove them SPOILS THE BUNCH.


The mid-life crisis gets an undeservedly bad rep. It's the first time many people face their own mortality, and accept with regret how they've squandered so much of life. It would have been better to have such a crisis earlier, but foolish to waste the opportunity none the less.


If you want to leave a dent in the universe, you have to be willing to punch in the same place over and over and over and over again.


Buying carbon offsets like planting trees always struck me as eerily similar to buying indulgences. You do a bad thing, then try to settle the score with a questionable purchase, so you can keep doing the bad thing. A tree planted today is not offsetting your flight tomorrow.


The problem with "don't be evil" wasn't that it couldn't be done, but that it couldn't be scaled. We shouldn't ridicule people for believing in principles, but we should absolutely call them out when they abandon them.


Fight for independence, but don’t stop once you’ve won yours – keep going.


Opt-out is a cop-out. Defaults reveal the soul.


Be the change you wish was made. Share the lessons you wish you'd been taught. Make the sacrifices you wish others had made.


Speaking of scarcity, I’m grateful for mortality. Nothing course corrects like a reminder that life is finite. May we never change that.


Treat face-to-face time like a rare treat and people will value it. Treat it like an everyday assumption and they will squander it.


If you’re going to give up, let it be for a better reason than someone told you to.


If you're offended by a broad characterization of a profession or location because of "a few bad apples", you should be invested enough in the barrel to be the first to speak out before they spoil the bunch.


You cannot defeat lies, smears, and terror by spreading lies, smears and terror.


If you write-off anyone on the other side of every controversial issue, you’ll be left with nobody who fits your perfect square soon enough.


The best thing about having your cargo e-bike run out of battery when you have to cycle the kids to school (uphill, in strong wind, and light drizzle) is that makes you appreciate what a feeble, weak human you actually are without the near-invisible boost.


It's so liberating starting over and getting to the point of: This is our very best ideas with our very best execution.

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