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The amount of skepticism expressed at the idea that it's possible to start a new company on a ~40h workweek blows my mind. I've been borderline accused of lying several times when I account for our path of doing just that. This is what the ideology of workism brings.


Stoicism is big on the idea of intentionally subjecting yourself to discomfort in order to nurture resilience and appreciation. Think cold showers, intermittent fasting, walking in the rain without an umbrella. Anyway, this idea has me thinking about trying Windows again.


Not hard to see why many bosses oppose remote work: They lose a captive audience contractually obligated to listen to every stupid new idea.


You can't win a war against an ideology that's fueled by the idea that US is an imperialist menace by acting like an imperialist menace.


It's so liberating starting over and getting to the point of: This is our very best ideas with our very best execution.

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