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Companies so eager to only hire senior people often forget that unlearning what doesn't apply can take longer than learning what does.


Searching for 10x engineers before you’ve ensured you have a 10x workplace is the epitome of premature optimization.


"Paying employees outside of big-tech cities high wages is bad because then those people have too much money" is a thing some people say on the internet 😄


Pedigree is for dogs, not job applicants. Being impressed by, or even worse, requiring, a certain school or program is for suckers.


There's never been a better or more prosperous time in tech to allow employees the freedom to follow their conscience. You absolutely do not have to work for the surveillance state, programming censorship apparatus, or writing defensive press releases to find employment.


Quizzing high-level programmers on algorithms is less about evaluating candidates, more about stroking the quizzer's (pathetic) ego. Works.


Whiteboard algo/puzzle interviews conducted by programmers are bad enough. But having non-technical recruiters administer them is just evil.


Corporations have long done background checks on prospective employees. It's time for customers to do background checks on corporations.


There are no shortcuts to accessing programming talent: Only reviewing and discussing relevant work product. Takes time, effort.


Hiring pro tip: When applying for a job posted online, don't scour the internet to find a phone number for the company, just so you can call them in advance of the application deadline to talk about your submission.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to learn programming not because you love the machines, but because it's a red-hot job market.


So you can't have $$$ in VC; awesome, learn to bootstrap profitably. So you can't hire $$$ programmers; great, reduce unemployment at home.


Treating recreational drug use as a disqualification for employment in most creative fields will dramatically limit your talent pool.


Recruiters who actually develop a network of candidates by hand can do good work. Those who spam en masse might as well hawk penis pumps.

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