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The underlying issue with bootcamps charging $30,000 for a 9-month curriculum patched together from free online sources and delivered by inexperienced instructors is just how dystopian "the opportunity" really is. It's capitalizing on a failed state approach to higher education.


Here's a crazy idea for how to finance education: Taxes. We, as a society, pool our resources, educate people with no up-front charge, and fund the setup by taking a progressive percentage of everyone's income for life.


Pedigree is for dogs, not job applicants. Being impressed by, or even worse, requiring, a certain school or program is for suckers.


It fascinates me that free tuition for a higher education is such a controversial idea in the US. Nobody is arguing that K12 should be for pay. Pretty much all of Europe already has a defacto implementation of it. The lack of ambition in the US on the big topics is depressing.


You can snub for passion, cultural fit, college pedigree, starting age, or you can just look at the work.


"Academically-oriented preschool". Words that should not go together.

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