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The problem with many arguments is that they’re really just justifications for feelings. Just embrace your feelings, and forgo the need to constantly dress them up in logically sounding arguments.


The replacement of "I disagree with you" – which implies this is simply my different opinion – with "that's a bad take" – which implies some sort of universal standard of wrong – sucks.


Reminder: Not only is it possible to disagree with someone without labeling them an idiot, you can cheerfully agree on the next subject too.


It's a rare argument, political or technical, that changes the mind of your counterpart. The realistic goal is to persuade spectators.


Whenever I get the urge to preface a pointer to something written by someone I don’t always agree with “I don’t often agree, but...”, I think, nah, not going to be that asshole. It’s okay to have a fleeting thought in your head and not let it out.

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