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Thought experiment! Many ultra-successful people found ONE big idea and doubled-down on it. • Warren Buffett: Value investing • Peter Thiel: Mimetic theory • George Soros: Reflexivity, shaped by Karl Popper Less may be more. We should take our best ideas more seriously.


There’s an idea in poker called “table selection.” Basically, there are two ways to win more: you can either improve your skills or you can play against weaker players. The metaphor applies to every industry.


Picking the right game to play is more important than learning to win.


Three ways for remote workers to shine: 1) Purchase a selfie light: Add light to your face so people can see you. 2) Dark background: Sit against a dark backdrop so the camera isn't over-exposed. 3) Learn to write: Remote workers communicate less by voice, and more with words.


Good taste is a competitive advantage. But it seems negatively correlated with the technical skills needed to build software. In the age of endless images, good taste and software building skills is a winning combination.

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