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"The Writing Guy". He tweet about business, online learning, and Internet writing.

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Own your distribution. If you write online, focus on these two platforms: 1) Email 2) Websites Invest in the long-term.


People under-estimate two things: 1. The emotional challenges you face when you start writing online. 2. The benefits of writing online, even when you have a niche audience and 3-5 well-written essays on your personal website. Finding the courage to publish is the hardest part.


Advice to every online creator: own your distribution. Build a simple personal website. Then, create an email list and ask people to subscribe. Email is — by far — the best place to build an audience.


Basically everybody should have a personal website with three things: 1) Three published articles about topics they know well. 2) A list of interests and achievements. 3) An email sign-up button to capture emails addresses. You can build your website for free in one weekend.


Having a website with articles you've published is like having a personal agent who finds career opportunities for you 24/7


Summarizing academic papers is the fastest way to build an online audience. Three steps: 1) Build a website. 2) Launch an email list. 3) Publish one summary every day. Do it every day for one year and your life will never be the same.


Writing online 101. ∙ Build your audience by teaching. ∙ Publish every week. ∙ Write on your own website. ∙ Write about what excites you. ∙ Share your best ideas. ∙ Aim to write unlike anybody else. ∙ The Internet rewards clarity. ∙ Turn off the Internet when you write.


Consider building a website. Some things to think about: ∙ Add a start here page ∙ Write 3-5 essays on the topic you know best ∙ Give readers a way to contact you ∙ Keep the style simple, and let the ideas speak ∙ Make it easy for people to sign up for your email list


People with well-written essays on their personal websites are the kinds of people you generally want to hire


Most academic writing is hard to read, so if you're looking for things to write about, write clear summaries of important papers and publish them on your website.


If you write online, invent your own language. Page views increase because you have no competition in Google search and your influence grows because people mention your name when they talk about your ideas.


Email newsletters are fun, but building a personal website is more valuable. It communicates professionalism and intellectual curiosity. Plus, you can add a splash of personality. Publish a couple well-written articles and it’s a home run. Websites are the new resume.


Write an FAQ section for your website. Don't answer the same emails over and over again. Instead, write down the most common questions and answer them in depth. Then publish your answers on your site. You'll save yourself time, build your audience, and help everybody learn.


Looking at the page view metrics on my website and only one variable correlates with popularity: My longest essays are the most popular ones. If you can write well, focus on long-form essays.

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