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"The Writing Guy". He tweet about business, online learning, and Internet writing.

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The two paths to extreme wealth. 1. Financialization: Investing, trading, banking, and management consulting. 2. Technology: Computer engineering, optimizing advertisements, and running software-enabled businesses. Almost all the smartest people I know work in these areas.


Save money on marketing by teaching your customers instead of buying their attention


Wealth diversification is normal. But in the future, people will diversify identities too. They'll build reputations under multiple identities so they can be resilient to misfortune.


Good hobbies make you smarter, wealthier, or improve your relationships. Writing online does all three.


Conventional wisdom says that more education is better. But I think we need less. People should be able to find their first jobs with 12-18 months of vocational training. Then, once they're financially stable, we should encourage them to continue their education.


The Internet will make most teachers obsolete, but make the best ones wealthy by giving them free distribution and global reach


My biggest financial goal right now is having the means to hire a personal tutor for everything I want to learn.


Productivity growth will never make us happy because we care more about relative status than absolute wealth


Online teachers will become investors. Teachers will break even on education, and make money by investing in their pipeline of students who want to start companies.


Productize your expertise. Step 1: Gain experience by working for somebody else. Step 2: Start your own consulting business. Step 3: Now that you have experience and extra time, write about what you’re learning. Step 4: Turn that knowledge into a scalable online product.


Creator monetization is growing fast. Creators want to create, not run a business. Now they can. Creator-focused agencies are rising up just as software tools are removing a lot of the complexity. Wealth is transferring from big-name media companies to solo creators.


Colleges focus way too much on the average starting salary of their graduates. If you want to talk about income, career earnings power is a much more important ranking.

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