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When evaluating startup ideas, Peter Thiel tells entrepreneurs to ask three questions: 1) What is valuable? 2) What can I uniquely do? 3) What is nobody else doing? Every writer should ask themselves these questions before starting an essay too.


Employees don’t know how valuable they are. Recruiting is hard. It’s expensive and time consuming. When a company finds a good employee, they’ll fight to keep them. Ask for the raise.


Full-time writers actually have two jobs: Write things worth reading and do things worth writing about.


Good ideas I heard today: 1) Being an investor is as close as you can get to academia in the business world. 2) Extreme pessimism and extreme optimism paradoxically converge to doing nothing. 3) The key to a successful partnership is shared values and complementary skillsets.


If you want to see what a society values, look at its tallest buildings


Companies pay millions of dollars for the attention you get for free by writing online.


The faster information spreads, the less a culture will value tradition


As you gain leverage, good judgement replaces work ethic as the ultimate virtue

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