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I love screenshots. I use them to save information, remember things, and add tasks to my to-do list. But now, I have thousands of saved screenshots that pollute my camera roll. Suspect I'm not alone. Big opportunity.


The emptier my schedule, the happier I am


The best productivity tips are the simple ones: - Eliminate distractions - Create a routine and stick to it - Make a checklist at the start of the day - Break big tasks down into small parts - Set firm deadlines Fancy apps are a distraction. Nail the basics first.


My ideal schedule: Nothing on my calendar so I can spend my time following my creative intuition


My motto for the weekends: “Follow the soul.” On the weekdays, I focus on projects and goals. But on the weekends, my life becomes slower and more contemplative. It’s like changing gears: The to-do list disappears so I can waltz along a trail of leisure.


The average person should use more checklists in their personal life. Especially in moments of panic.


The usefulness of checklists depends on the payoffs of an experience. If there’s big upside and low downside, you don’t want checklists. When there’s low upside and big downside, you want a checklist.

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