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The Internet is the most important technology in our lives. You don't need permission to build things on the Internet. All you need is an idea, a vision, 2-3 skills, and the discipline to execute it.


Online education is growing fast. It's harder to sell a course than build one: The top online schools are run by people with the largest audiences, not necessarily the best teachers. But building an audience trains you to teach.


Google Maps is the most under-rated product in society right now. Limitless potential.


Past: "Every company is a tech company now." Future: "Every company is a media company now." Three reasons why: 1. The entire media business is inverting. 2. Content and commerce are converging. 3. Marketing and entertainment are the same thing now. Media is eating the world.


If I ran an investment fund, I’d have a simple thesis: • People are increasingly willing to pay for productivity software. • Online learning is about to explode because we’re losing faith in the traditional college system. • It’s becoming easier to monetize social capital.


One year ago, it felt like self-driving cars were the definite future. Instead, skateboards, scooters + bikes are UNBUNDLING the car. Our transportation needs are surprisingly dynamic + diverse. Variables like weather, neighborhood + time of day matter more than we thought.


In the future, there will be two ways to work: Computers tell you what to do, or you tell computers what to do


Three thoughts on marketing: 1) Marketing is increasingly important. 2) Technology changes, but the basic principles stay the same. Read old marketing books. 3) People under-estimate the power of repetition. The more you hear something, the more likely you are to believe it.


Most important societal trends: • Online dating. • Age distribution. People are having fewer kids as the number of old people increases. • Rise of the “rental economy.” People are buying homes later. Short-term transactions are increasingly common.


Note-taking apps aren’t valuable because they help you save ideas. They’re valuable because they help you find ideas you forgot you saved in the first place.


Building a note-taking system makes you feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless whenever you start writing


There are two kinds of technology: 1) Forklifts: A force for equality because almost anyone can operate the machine with basic training. 2) Microphones: A force for inequality because one talented person can serve the entire world, which creates a power law wealth distribution.


History is filled with moments where science said something was impossible but people did it anyways. My favorite example: Airplanes flew before scientists had a working theory for “heavier than air” flight — when people thought it was impossible.


Prediction: Weekly Sabbaths will make a comeback. The anxieties of the modern world come from abundance, not scarcity. That’s why Stoicism and intermittent fasting are so popular. Next, we’ll find ways to disconnect from technology. 24 hours at a time.


Roam and Notion aren’t major competitors. Roam is a programming language for ideas, geared towards individuals. Notion bundles project management, corporate communications and knowledge management, and it’s geared towards teams.


Most of the best online teachers have never taught students in-person. The lesson: Traditional teaching strategies don't engage virtual students, so online education will only start working once we build a new philosophy of education.


Online education is classic disruption. In-person education is too expensive, overserves a huge percentage of students, and aspects of online education are already better than the in-person experience.


We put a man on the moon 50 years ago, but we still can't get printers to work well.


Excited about online education for kids. Here’s why: 1) Kids are already used to communicating by video chat. 2) They intuitively understand technology, so you can assume technological knowledge. 3) Software makes it easy to create things, so schools can be project-focused.


Two markets with lots of opportunity: 1) The Internet makes solo-entrepreneurship much easier. They'll support companies that help them outsource business operations. 2) The world is aging. Old people need technology that's designed for them. Profitable, but unsexy problems.


Opportunities arise when the world flips. • Our parents told us not to post online. Now personal brands are an asset. • Global shipping used to be expensive. Now it’s cheap. • Before phones, long-distance communication was expensive. Now it’s free. Keep your eyes open.


Computer mouses are a weird historical blip. Our grandchildren will wonder why we ever used them, and they'll seem as weird to them the telegram does to us. Computer-human interaction will be dominated by touch and voice.

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