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Learning to manage a team of engineers is much more profitable than learning to code.


The online course arbitrage. People will pay $10-20 for a book, but those same people will pay $1,000-2,000 for the same information in a live video format. The lesson: People want more than information. They also want inspiration, accountability and friends to learn with.


My rules for business: 1) Team up with people who work fast. 2) Communicate in long-form writing as much as possible. 3) Do two kinds of planning: weekly planning and quarterly planning. Then, execute. 4) Learning and sharing the best of what I learn is my marketing strategy.


People learn fastest when they can imitate other people. Chefs learn by watching other chefs. Dancers learn by watching other dancers. Athletes learn by watching other athletes. But knowledge workers can’t really watch each other in action. Business opportunity.


If you’re good at getting things done, one of the best career decisions you can make is to team up with an fast growing content creator and run their business operations. Creators want to spend their time creating.


What I've learned about online education: 1) People don't just want information. They want inspiration, friendship, and accountability. 2) Self-paced courses don't usually work because transformative learning can only happen with a group of peers.


How to work with creative people: Find people with bold beliefs, get the hell out of their way, and let them do their thing. If they’re good, they’ll surprise you. My only rule: Written summaries at the end of every week so I know what they’re thinking. Otherwise, pure freedom.


Personal knowledge management is a booming field, but I’m surprised there isn’t an expert for group knowledge management. Such a profitable niche.


Roam and Notion aren’t major competitors. Roam is a programming language for ideas, geared towards individuals. Notion bundles project management, corporate communications and knowledge management, and it’s geared towards teams.


Almost all my friends want to be philosophy experts, but have read almost none of the important books. The problem: They want to learn with a group. But people who want a program with teachers and intelligent peers have to spend $40,000+ per year — which is way too expensive.


Groups can optimize, but breakthrough ideas are created by a single person.


Questions I'm thinking about... 1. How can we improve small group learning + communication? When small group trust is high, you can explore fringe and controversial ideas. In 1-on-1 chat, communication has to be symmetric. In group chats, you can consume more than you produce.


Writing operations-focused rules for my team: ∙ Prize simplicity over performance ∙ Reduce back-and-forth ∙ Create systems for all repeated actions ∙ Give responsibility to individuals, not teams Every urgent email or text message reveals an upstream leak in our systems.


Listening to fewer podcasts and more speeches. Podcasts are fun but all my friends listen to the same ones. Speeches are different. Less groupthink. More exploration.

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