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Best way to learn faster: Have a stake in the outcome. To learn about food, cook for friends. To learn about an idea, publish an article about it. To learn about stocks, invest in the stock market. Risk awakens our learning muscles like a splash of cold water.


People think that if they consume enough information, they'll eventually know enough to write well, but nobody has ever eaten their way to becoming a Michelin Star chef. You have to actually cook.


Shipping speed is a leading indictator of success. Applies to people. Applies to startups. Bet on people who move fast, make things, and learn from feedback.


When the cost of failure is high, plan before you act. When the cost of failure is low, act before you plan.


Thought experiment! Many ultra-successful people found ONE big idea and doubled-down on it. • Warren Buffett: Value investing • Peter Thiel: Mimetic theory • George Soros: Reflexivity, shaped by Karl Popper Less may be more. We should take our best ideas more seriously.


So much of success can be explained in one sentence: “I had one good idea and executed like a crazy person for 10 years.”


The people who die with the most regret are the ones who had a creative vision, but never followed through with it


Doing work you don't like doing is way more exhausting than working long hours


The day you stop waiting for motivation to start working is the day you become a professional


A lesson from sales: "Time kills deals." Jump on good opportunities as fast as possible.


You can only be prolific if doing the work brings you more joy than the rewards


Improve your decisions, improve your business. Prioritize Speed, Move with Direction: Move at Internet speed, but never without direction. Find projects with big upside and low downside. Then, double-down on projects with momentum.


My go-to predictor of success is how fast people move on important opportunities


The best performers I know have one thing in common: obsession. Life is work. Work is life.


The best way to keep somebody's attention is to surprise them. Once you're predictable, you're boring.


Trial-and-error will teach you more than rationality ever will.


A recipe for learning anything. Watch one. Do one. Teach one. First, observe how other people work. Second, do the work yourself. Third, show somebody else how to do what you just did.


Learn by doing, reflect by talking, find ideas by reading, reflect on them by walking, and share them by writing. Do. Talk. Read. Walk. Write.


Courage is not the elimination of fear. It’s taking action in the face of fear.


Your best creative moments come in flashes of inspiration, but those flashes only happen if you show up consistently


Reminder: You can accomplish things much, much faster than society says you can. You have the Internet in your hands and a phone with all the information in the world. Start building.


Writing is like running. It never gets easier. You just get better at it. So.... write every day. Publish every week. And learn to love the process.


Information wants to be free, but most people won't take action until they pay for information. That's why online courses are profitable. Students don't pay for information. They pay for results.


Learning is like love. You don’t achieve it by pursuing it directly — it’s a byproduct of your actions.


Don't get me wrong... work-life balance is important. But working really, really hard is the only way to accomplish something hard. It's 10:20pm on a Thursday night, and I'm writing essays and replying to emails. Get after it. Take what's yours.


Building a writing habit is the #1 factor in the success of a writer. Once you start writing, you’ll be motivated to level-up your skills. Action inspires inspiration more than inspiration inspires action. Write daily. Publish weekly.


Important lesson from teaching an online course: Compliments transform behavior. Compliments light people up. They inspire us to work harder and take action. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. Compliments are an easy way to make the world a better place.


Three thoughts on measurement: 1) If you want to improve an outcome, measure it. 2) Focus on qualitative metrics at the beginning of a project. Save the quantitative ones for later. 3) Don’t let fear of imperfect measurement stop you from measuring anything at all.


Creation breeds creation. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t run out of creative ideas. Building the creative habit will actually make you more creative, which means that new ideas will create more new ideas. Don’t hoard your creative ideas. Act on them instead.


Easy way to improve productivity: Don't do the same thinking twice. Write down your best ideas. Then save them in a central location. In the heat of the moment, you don't have time to think. Search through your notes and apply what you've already written to the task at hand.

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