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My friend was a nationally ranked debater, and here’s what he said: • Give a roadmap whenever you start speaking. • Signpost every argument. • Explicitly state the implications of your arguments. • He practiced speeches until his 5 year-old brother understood the impact.


The fastest way to get free marketing for your business is to share your strategy and tell people what you’re working on


Improve your decisions, improve your business. Prioritize Speed, Move with Direction: Move at Internet speed, but never without direction. Find projects with big upside and low downside. Then, double-down on projects with momentum.


My favorite entrepreneurs follow the same strategy: 1) Hire unique people who have ideas. 2) Trust them to execute on their vision — as long as the cost of failure is low and the benefits of success are high. 3) Cut the failures and double-down on what works. Rinse, repeat.


Investment memos are a 10/10 marketing strategy. • Teaching is an excellent way to build trust with current and future customers. • Transparency attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones. Warren Buffett has been writing yearly letters since 1965. Brilliant.

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