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The Internet is the most important technology in our lives. You don't need permission to build things on the Internet. All you need is an idea, a vision, 2-3 skills, and the discipline to execute it.


Becoming world-class at Googling things is one of the most valuable skills you can have, but I don’t know anybody who actively tries to get better at it.


There’s an idea in poker called “table selection.” Basically, there are two ways to win more: you can either improve your skills or you can play against weaker players. The metaphor applies to every industry.


Goal for your 20s: Get really good at doing something valuable, but scarce. Then, advertise your skills.


You can learn things much faster than you think. One year of obsession is all it takes to acquire a new skill.


Fundamental skill: Planning, organizing, and executing projects. No matter what you do, from cleaning your house to to running a company, life is a series of projects. Life is a game of project management.


Biologically, few things are more difficult than holding an opinion everybody you know disagrees with. Intellectually, it’s one of the strongest skills you can have.


Traits of exceptional entrepreneurs: 1) Disagreeable: They’re unsatisfied with the world, often to a point of anger. 2) High-agency: They believe they can shape the world, often to a point of pride. 3) Curious: They build before they’re experts, often to a point of arrogance.


Why writing is an essential skill: 1) Remote work will shift communication from voice to text. 2) Almost every successful person spends a lot of time writing. 3) Leverage: Anybody can publish ideas, and they can now spread to every corner of the globe. We are all writers now.


You can be beautiful, kind, wealthy, smart, or athletic but the highest compliment I can give is “you’re extremely interesting”.


Marketers are applied psychologists. The best ones don't sell products. They sell people on their future selves.


Three fun ideas: 1) If you can easily describe what you're working on, it's not ambitious enough. 2) It's better to be world-class at one rare and valuable skill than to be good at a lot of things. 3) Master one communication skill. Speaking, writing, drawing. You pick.


Learn multiplying skills. When you multiply your skills, you magnify the results of your efforts. • A biologist who speaks 5 language and has a PhD in history. • An investor with a background in psychology and machine learning. Hint: Writing is a multiplier for everything.


I've been practicing my observation skills for years. Here's what I've learned about becoming a better observer: Write every day. The writing habit makes the world come to life. Every moment, from the mundane to the miraculous, becomes a potential future sentence.


Enthusiasm is my favorite character trait. It's the opposite of "cool." But it makes the world come alive.


Running a business demands a collection of skills. I’m a designer, educator, entertainer, email marketer, API connector, strategist, recruiter, manager, futurist, web developer, public speaker, customer service representative, audio engineer, podcaster, and also... a writer.


Playing lots of video games will give kids many of the skills they need to succeed in the future


Thoughts on building skills: 1) The ultimate goal is to be the only person who does what you do. 2) The most valuable skills don't have a name. They're based on your unique character traits, so they're one-of-a-kind. 3) The Internet makes differentiated skills more valuable.


Want to improve your writing skills? My unconventional advice: Skip the usual books and learn copywriting. Copywriters write with clarity and simplicity. No fluff. They get straight to the point. Strong recommend.


People who want to write online are limited more by fear than skill.


Good ideas I heard today: 1) Being an investor is as close as you can get to academia in the business world. 2) Extreme pessimism and extreme optimism paradoxically converge to doing nothing. 3) The key to a successful partnership is shared values and complementary skillsets.


Writing online teaches you entrepreneurship because the skills you need to build an audience are the skills you need to build a business


Remote work has more typing and less talking. That makes business writing a mandatory skill in a remote work world.


The economy is much bigger than you think. People want to go to the same colleges, so they can build the same skills, and work at the same companies. But when you copy everyone else, you limit your opportunities. Don’t follow the spotlight. Create your own spotlight instead.


Any creative endeavor stops being interesting the second it starts being predictable. Too many creatives let their success turn into a formula.


The paradox of book publishing. Publishers want authors who have a popular idea, a big email list, a big-name blog, lots of connections, and the skills to promote themselves. But authors who have all those things don’t need a publisher. And that’s why publishers want them.


Growing up, I worked hard in school only so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I wish somebody had said: “The goal is to become hyper-competent in a skill you enjoy and improves the world — that also pays well.” Work hard as a kid, so you can enjoy your work as an adult.


Building a writing habit is the #1 factor in the success of a writer. Once you start writing, you’ll be motivated to level-up your skills. Action inspires inspiration more than inspiration inspires action. Write daily. Publish weekly.


Free online course ideas: 1) Productivity training: Use powerful software to help people save HOURS per week. 2) Public speaking: Such an important skill, but it scares people. 3) Career moves: Community & accountability for challenging job searches. All big opportunities.


Writing online is the seed of entrepreneurship. It teaches you how to clarify your ideas, make them useful, and distribute them to an audience. Same skills as building a business.


Thoughts on college. Short-term, I wish I’d focused on timely skills. Long-term, I wish I’d focused on timeless subjects like physics, philosophy, and art history. Regardless, who you meet and how intensely you learn is much more important than your major.


Good taste is a competitive advantage. But it seems negatively correlated with the technical skills needed to build software. In the age of endless images, good taste and software building skills is a winning combination.


There are two kinds of problem solvers: Most people solve problems for themselves. Entrepreneurs solve problems for everybody, forever.


Things I believe: 1) Building a business can be a blast and shouldn't feel like banging your head against the wall. 2) Learning to surf the waves of information abundance is a top-5 skill you can learn. 3) You can write much more while spending much less time on your computer.

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