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The paradox of creativity: Your work is done when it looks so simple that the consumer thinks they could've done it, which means they won't appreciate how hard you worked


When you write, avoid three kinds of words. 1) Redundant words: Words that say the same thing twice. 2) Wasted words: Words that don’t serve a purpose. 3) Weak words: Words that lack meaning. Shortening your sentences is the simplest way to avoid all three errors.


If your writing is too complicated, stop typing and record yourself talking about what you’re trying to write. Then write down exactly what you said.


Rule for communication: Shorten your introduction. Shorter introductions will improve your emails. Shorter introductions will improve your essays. Shorter introductions will improve your speeches. Get to the point.


Simple trick to improve your writing: Get to the point faster.


An idea will only spread far once you can explain it in 10 words or less


Academic writing rewards complexity. Business writing rewards simplicity.


Big ideas can be simple. Just remember, we put a man on the moon before we put wheels on suitcases.


The best productivity tips are the simple ones: - Eliminate distractions - Create a routine and stick to it - Make a checklist at the start of the day - Break big tasks down into small parts - Set firm deadlines Fancy apps are a distraction. Nail the basics first.


When you add complexity to a system, you feel the benefits first and the costs later — which is why it’s so dangerous. Prize simplicity.


Free business idea. An online course to help people set up their computer for maximum productivity. Default settings are designed for simplicity, not performance. Here's your tagline: "Ten hours of setup. Thousands of hours saved." The idea is yours.


Writing education falls into two buckets: 1. Analyzing literature and writing 5-paragraph essays. 2. Communicating ideas in clear, simple and convincing ways. Schools focus on Bucket #1 at the expense of Bucket #2 because; Writing education is shaped by PhD English programs.


Want to improve your writing skills? My unconventional advice: Skip the usual books and learn copywriting. Copywriters write with clarity and simplicity. No fluff. They get straight to the point. Strong recommend.


Writing improvement tip: Your reader should have an epiphany every 100 words. Cut the fluff. Cut to the chase.


The simpler your productivity systems, the more creative your work can be


Write to express, not to impress. One idea per sentence, one idea per paragraph. Resist the urge to create complexity by using big words and long sentences like the one I'm typing right now which is getting too long, so it's confusing. Be clear. Be simple. Aim for clarity.


Every tweet should have one idea. Start with a simple sentence. Then explain yourself. When you keep the idea simple, your tweet can be long and people will still read it. Just look at yourself. You've now read this entire tweet, which is proof that the one idea strategy works.


Businesses I'd start if I had the time: 1) A writing app that actually helps people write. Right now, the top writing apps sell because they're simple. But I want to make one that's helpful. 2) A marketplace for writers to meet intelligent editors who double as writing coaches.


Your writing is as good as your reader’s inability to predict what you’re going to say next


Make your writing simple so your ideas can be complex.


The three steps of writing an essay: 1) Simple 2) Complex 3) Simple I usually finish close to where I started, but the writing process refines the original idea.


Most academic writing is bad, so most writing teachers teach you how to write poorly. Good writing is communicating interesting ideas clearly and concisely. It’s that simple.


Three game-changing writing tips: 1) Streamline your message. Pare it down to its clearest, easiest-to-understand form. 2) Make your writing fun, playful, scary, suspenseful, or educational 3) Make your writing so compelling that a person would have to be crazy NOT to read it.


Writing operations-focused rules for my team: ∙ Prize simplicity over performance ∙ Reduce back-and-forth ∙ Create systems for all repeated actions ∙ Give responsibility to individuals, not teams Every urgent email or text message reveals an upstream leak in our systems.

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