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Whenever you impulsively check your phone, you're running away from an emotion


Here's a crazy theory: Alcohol is a social technology for trustworthiness. We get drunk with people to see how they act when they lose some control. They reveal themselves once they've had a few drinks because their powers of deception are inhibited.


If you plan to go on podcasts, make a two-page sheet with your life background. Things to add: • Favorite stories • Turning points in your life • Weird hobbies and habits • Projects you’re proud of • Your spiciest hot takes Do it, and your interviews will be much better.


Humiliation is a terrible feeling but a beautiful word. It comes from the Latin word humus, which means soil. So being humiliated is like returning to the ground of your being. Only by shedding those illusions of selfhood do we confront our own fragility.


You can be beautiful, kind, wealthy, smart, or athletic but the highest compliment I can give is “you’re extremely interesting”.


I love the German word: Fingerspitzengefühl The literal translation is "finger tips feeling." It describes somebody with extreme situational awareness, who has strong intuitive instincts in complex situations. They act with tact in social situations and foresight in business.


Good writing describes what people feel but don’t have the words to say


Sometimes, I edit my writing drunk because my drunk self has no patience for boredom which tells me exactly what I need to delete.


We need a word for the sadness you feel after you’ve read everything an author’s ever published, and there’s nothing new left to explore.


Few things in life make me happier than a list of fresh book recommendations, from somebody I deeply admire.

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