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I wonder how much productivity is lost because people can’t take afternoon naps at work


I know too many people who have passed away young, so I'm going to take sabbaticals throughout my career instead of saving all the fun for retirement.


The most successful people I know seem to have unlimited energy. They can work for days and days on end. When they get tired, they shift their attention instead of taking long breaks. Work, learn, write. Repeat.


Playing lots of video games will give kids many of the skills they need to succeed in the future


My motto for the weekends: “Follow the soul.” On the weekdays, I focus on projects and goals. But on the weekends, my life becomes slower and more contemplative. It’s like changing gears: The to-do list disappears so I can waltz along a trail of leisure.


Menuha is a beautiful Jewish word. It describes a cheerful restfulness that is rare in the modern world. It’s a time for the body and soul to rest in unison, where anger is lifted and tension evaporates. That’s why the Sabbath has two meanings: “to rest” and “to celebrate.”


Three quick ideas: 1) Spending 24-48 hours alone is healthy, so people should do it more often. 2) The world would be better if we took the idea of “vocation” seriously again. 3) Writers who stand the test of time are usually hard to read. The confusion keeps them interesting.


Fitness principles that work for me: 1. Have fun! 2. Break a sweat every day. 3. If you feel pain, stop immediately. 4. Stay off your phone 5. Stop after 45 minutes. 6. Focus on simple, compound movements. 7. Don't add weight. Perfect your form. 8. Switch it up if it's hard.

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