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Becoming world-class at Googling things is one of the most valuable skills you can have, but I don’t know anybody who actively tries to get better at it.


Selling your first product will teach you more about your customers than years of market research


Most college professors care more about their research than teaching students


How to write a short cold email: 1st sentence: Introduce yourself, and link to your website and an essay you've written. 2nd sentence: Show you've done your research by adding specifics. 3rd sentence: Make a bold request, and make it easy for the other person to help.


A/B testing is over-rated. If you want to build something innovative, follow your intuition. Skip the market research and bet on a bold vision of the future.


Easy way to build an online following: 1) Read lots of academic papers. 2) Summarize them. Academic papers are so hard to read. But the best ones are loaded with wisdom and surprising research. By publishing summaries, you‘ll learn fast and attract an intelligent audience.


Writing is research & development for your brain


Top universities get teaching wrong. World-class experts are rarely the best teachers. They care more about their research, and many of them actually dread teaching. There's a better solution. Learn from the world's best TEACHERS instead.

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