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Everybody's talking about remote work. Communicate in long-form: Most companies do too much messaging and not enough long-form writing. Communicate less often, but with much more rigor.


Office work benefits extroverts who are great at talking. Remote work benefits introverts who are great at writing.


Free business idea. Now that companies are going remote, help companies build internal podcasts. The podcast would focus on: - How decisions are made - Quarterly priorities - Industry 101 - Business models - Long-term goals and company vision Fun and efficient for everybody.


Online education is a rocket ship. Some second-order effects: 1) Somebody will build a billion-dollar homeschooling business. 2) Teachers will look more and more like entrepreneurs. 3) Online education and remote work will mirror each other and accelerate both trends at once.


Why writing is an essential skill: 1) Remote work will shift communication from voice to text. 2) Almost every successful person spends a lot of time writing. 3) Leverage: Anybody can publish ideas, and they can now spread to every corner of the globe. We are all writers now.


Dublin and Mexico City are going to become remote work hubs. 🇮🇪 Dublin: English-speaking country, booming economy, and easy access to both the east coast and mainland Europe. 🇲🇽 Mexico City: Safe and well-developed, with a temperate climate, and close to the United States.


New York City pro-tip: Don't work in coffee shops. Work in hotels. Better service, comfier seating, faster internet, and near-unlimited space.


Calling it now. Tomorrow’s productivity blogs will be video-based. Remote work is exploding. Young people are increasingly comfortable on camera. A handful of knowledge workers will build massive audiences by open-sourcing their workflow. Watch this space.


Remote work has more typing and less talking. That makes business writing a mandatory skill in a remote work world.


In the office, you talk. On the computer, you write. That's why every remote work CEO I've met screens for writing ability when they hire.


Three ways for remote workers to shine: 1) Purchase a selfie light: Add light to your face so people can see you. 2) Dark background: Sit against a dark backdrop so the camera isn't over-exposed. 3) Learn to write: Remote workers communicate less by voice, and more with words.


Remote work unlocks a giant pool of talent. You can't find all those people with traditional recruiting tactics, so there is a big opportunity to find new ways to use the Internet to identify up-and-coming talent.


Rule #1 for remote work: Company systems should have as few moving parts as possible. Sending messages back-and-forth is the enemy of speed, efficiency, and quality of life.


24/7 work is one of the biggest advantages a remote work team can have. With three teams working 8 hours per day, distributed by time zone, you can work around the clock.

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