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When evaluating startup ideas, Peter Thiel tells entrepreneurs to ask three questions: 1) What is valuable? 2) What can I uniquely do? 3) What is nobody else doing? Every writer should ask themselves these questions before starting an essay too.


End meetings with five minutes of silent writing time. Answer the following questions: ∙ What are my top takeaways? ∙ What are the next steps? ∙ What questions do I still have? Resist the urge to jump to the next activity.


Some ways to write a good introduction: ∙ Start with a surprising story ∙ Lead with what's counter-intuitive ∙ Create suspense ∙ Share a half-told story ∙ Ask a question, but don't share the answer Aim to ignite your reader's curiosity.


Mirrors and clocks transformed society, but they’re so old that nobody questions them. Clocks created a culture of anxiety. Mirrors created a culture of narcissism.


Things that future generations will question: - The absurd cost of college - How hard it is to eat healthy - All the time we spend sitting down at our desks


If you answer the same question five times, write your answer down and turn it into an article.


If you want to become a good interviewer, develop a desperate need for knowledge


Lessons from more than 100 podcast interviews: 1) Talk to people about things they don’t usually talk about. 2) Prepare enough to ask good questions but little enough to be surprised. 3) People reveal their emotions in the beat of their breath and the dance of their eyes.


Write an FAQ section for your website. Don't answer the same emails over and over again. Instead, write down the most common questions and answer them in depth. Then publish your answers on your site. You'll save yourself time, build your audience, and help everybody learn.


Three keys to good interviewing: 1) Dive deep into specifics but don’t stay on the same topic for too long. 2) The best answers come after follow-up questions. 3) As an interviewer, your job is to bring the best out of your guest so make them comfortable and follow their lead.


Questions I'm thinking about... 1. How can we improve small group learning + communication? When small group trust is high, you can explore fringe and controversial ideas. In 1-on-1 chat, communication has to be symmetric. In group chats, you can consume more than you produce.

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