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One way to measure the quality of a book: the number of thoughts you’ve never had before.


My career is driven by one insight. Writing on the internet give you massive leverage. Here’s why: Demand for quality content far exceeds the supply of it. Sharing ideas attracts kind and intelligent people. Some will become business partners. And others, lifelong friends.


Online education will create winner-take-all classes. The best teachers for popular subjects will spend millions on high-quality production. As they dominate the market, they’ll invest more and attract even more students. Like the rest of the Internet, the big will get bigger.


Write for clarity, not to impress people. The quality of your writing will skyrocket once you stop trying to sound smart.


Startups are defined by quality and scale. Quality without scale as you're a craftsman, scale without quality and you're a bureaucracy.


My rules for consuming information: 1. The best resources on a topic tend to be trusted individuals. 2. Writing about a topic is the fastest way to learn about it. 3. If you have information overload, you need better filters. Cut the junk ruthlessly. Double down on quality.


My crazy beliefs about writing: 1. Writing fast is just as important as writing well. 2. Good writing isn’t about good syntax or grammar. Having interesting ideas is much more important. 3. If you can’t write, don’t read a writing book. Build a note-taking system first.


In a world with limitless information, good taste is a competitive advantage. Have a nose for quality.


Tips. Tricks. Hacks. Forget about them. If you want to grow your business, sell a quality product that customers tell their friends about.


Don’t measure the size of your audience by follower count. Measure it by the number of people you respect who trust you.


Three thoughts on measurement: 1) If you want to improve an outcome, measure it. 2) Focus on qualitative metrics at the beginning of a project. Save the quantitative ones for later. 3) Don’t let fear of imperfect measurement stop you from measuring anything at all.

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