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I wonder how much productivity is lost because people can’t take afternoon naps at work


Book clubs are a cheat code. Every time I do one, I remember the book 5x better. It takes 20 hours to read a book, but only 2 extra hours to talk about it with friends. Better friendships. Faster learning.


I used to think the world was efficient. Now that it’s older, I see that it’s wildly inefficient. We can’t coordinate big projects, smart people are bored at work, and people are not nearly as healthy as they could be. We’re 5-10% as productive as we could be. Maybe less.


Small talk builds relationships because it says “I care more about you than being productive”


Productivity tip: No alcohol.


If I ran an investment fund, I’d have a simple thesis: • People are increasingly willing to pay for productivity software. • Online learning is about to explode because we’re losing faith in the traditional college system. • It’s becoming easier to monetize social capital.


Make your reading time more productive by writing long notes in your own words while you read.


I wish every productive person wrote a book-length guide to how they live, work, and think.


Don't get distracted by the internet. Boom. That's 90% of what you need to know about how to be more productive.


The best productivity tips are the simple ones: - Eliminate distractions - Create a routine and stick to it - Make a checklist at the start of the day - Break big tasks down into small parts - Set firm deadlines Fancy apps are a distraction. Nail the basics first.


Free business idea. An online course to help people set up their computer for maximum productivity. Default settings are designed for simplicity, not performance. Here's your tagline: "Ten hours of setup. Thousands of hours saved." The idea is yours.


The best writing happens when you’re frustrated enough to be creative, but happy enough to be productive


Unpopular opinion: Video conferencing is more productive than meeting in-person. Easier to stay on topic. Harder to get distracted.


Calling it now. Tomorrow’s productivity blogs will be video-based. Remote work is exploding. Young people are increasingly comfortable on camera. A handful of knowledge workers will build massive audiences by open-sourcing their workflow. Watch this space.


The simpler your productivity systems, the more creative your work can be


Productivity growth will never make us happy because we care more about relative status than absolute wealth


Just had the most productive writing week of my life. Here's why: 1) Writing is now the first thing I do every day. No exceptions. 2) I don't like editing my work, so I hired an editor. 3) Hired a full-time operations director for my business, so I have more energy to write.


Free online course ideas: 1) Productivity training: Use powerful software to help people save HOURS per week. 2) Public speaking: Such an important skill, but it scares people. 3) Career moves: Community & accountability for challenging job searches. All big opportunities.


Favorite Productivity Tip: Listen to the same song on repeat for a couple hours. Pick the right song and you'll enter a deep, deep trance.


Easy way to improve productivity: Don't do the same thinking twice. Write down your best ideas. Then save them in a central location. In the heat of the moment, you don't have time to think. Search through your notes and apply what you've already written to the task at hand.

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