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Google Maps is the most under-rated product in society right now. Limitless potential.


Everybody takes screenshots. But nobody has a good way to organize them. Screenshots might be a billion dollar product opportunity. 💰


A three-step process to starting an online business: 1) Build an audience. 2) Build a product for your audience. 3) Scale the business with plug-and-play software instead of hiring people. The audience comes first. The product, second. I've seen hundreds of people do this.


Here's what I've learned about launching online products. 1. Give tons of free stuff away. The Internet rewards people who teach. Share your best ideas for free, and you will attract an audience of like-minded people. Build an audience before you launch your first product.


You used to build an product. Then you’d build an audience. Now you build an audience. Then you build a product.


Old: Build a product, then an audience. New: Build an audience, then a product. Entrepreneurs with organic reach can launch and test their products without paid media. The creators of today are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


Selling your first product will teach you more about your customers than years of market research


If you’re a creator, don’t ask for donations. Sell a product.


The books of the future will be a bundle. Authors won't just sell books. They'll sell supplemental videos, podcasts, and live Q&A sessions too. You won't just read the ideas. You'll watch and listen to them too.


Marketers are applied psychologists. The best ones don't sell products. They sell people on their future selves.


My philosophy of LEARNING: Treat learning like a process, not a product. Learning is a way of life. Every day counts. Strive to appreciate the world. Ignore boundaries between disciplines. Examine your assumptions. The holy grail is finding JOY in this daily ritual.


Writing isn’t the byproduct of thinking. It’s where deep thinking actually happens.


Product subscriptions give you recurring revenue. Email subscriptions give you recurring attention.


Customer service should be a high-prestige job title because they know the most about product issues


Less of this: “Find your passion.” More of this: “Work hard, surround yourself with incredible people, and serve others to make your work meaningful.”


Build the product you wish existed.


Paid newsletters are over-rated: it’s grueling work, your best thinking is stuck behind a paywall, and selling products is much more profitable


Summaries of articles I’ve published recently: 1) We are entering a golden age of bootstrapped entrepreneurship. 2) Big Western cities are killing themselves with bad housing policy. 3) You used to build a product, then an audience. Now you build an audience, then a product.


Productize your expertise. Step 1: Gain experience by working for somebody else. Step 2: Start your own consulting business. Step 3: Now that you have experience and extra time, write about what you’re learning. Step 4: Turn that knowledge into a scalable online product.


Tips. Tricks. Hacks. Forget about them. If you want to grow your business, sell a quality product that customers tell their friends about.


Startup formula for bootstrappers: 1. Solve an existing problem to attract instant revenue. 2. Ask for feedback from customers. Listen to them and improve the product. 3. Steer the company roadmap towards a big market with little competition. Then, keep going.


Marketing 101: Benefits first, features second. People want to know what your product can do for them. If your product promise is interesting, people will give you their attention. Save the specifics for later.


Products that should exist: 1) A spaced-repetition learning platform that’s fun to use. 2) Writing software to decrease confusion, increase interestingness, and 10x writing speed. 3) Wearable health tracker with fast feedback loops to provide preventative care for everybody.


Here’s a playbook for coaches and consultants: 1) Find your first clients. 2) As you work with them, you’ll find to the common problems. 3) Scale your knowledge by creating an information product. People will pay-up for well-packaged information. Learn. Build. Sell. Repeat.


Free business idea: Job boards for influencers. Influencers have big audiences of like-minded people. They attract job seekers, but don’t want to manage technical stuff. Build software. Run customer service. Beatiful design is the cherry on top. Very profitable business too.

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