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If you explain the problem best, people assume you’re the right person to solve it


There are two ways to have brilliant ideas: 1) The hard way: Try to come up with all the ideas yourself. 2) The easy way: Read books. Most problems can be solved with focused attention and a book. Books are a cheat code. Do the easy thing. Read books.


Online course idea: How to consume information. It’s such an important topic and few people study it carefully. Eventually, people will watch their information diet like they watch what they eat. Good frameworks will make society smarter too. Important problem, huge market.


Business mantra: The hard problems you solve now will become your competitive edge in the future. Hard life now. Easy life later.


My rules for working: 1) Solve problems other people aren’t solving. 2) Leverage the internet. 3) Share as much knowledge as possible. 4) Make two people proud: your 8-year old self and your 80-year old self. 5) The best partners have talents that look like magic to you.


How I choose new projects: 1) Solve problems other people aren’t solving. 2) Should have transformative, life-changing upside. 3) My competitive advantage should be obvious. When I have all three, I commit.


If you’re starting a business, solve problems other people aren’t solving. Don’t copy. Competition makes marketing expensive. But differentiation is free marketing.


Aim to solve problems and you’ll be innovative, but if you aim to be innovative, you won’t necessarily solve problems


If you want to start a company, look for an important problem that people can’t measure so you can build for years without competition


Forgotten ideas are an unfair advantage. Don’t try to invent everything yourself. Studying the past will help you solve your hardest problems. Places to look: • Theory of Constraints • Xerox PARC • The Apollo Space Program • Mid-20th century media theory


Physics is to science what philosophy is to the humanities. If you're just looking for a job, they aren't good things to study. But they are indispensable for people who want to think clearly, understand the world, and solve open-ended problems.


Entrepreneurship in a tweet. Step 1: Experiment, experiment, experiment. Step 2: Find a problem you can solve. Step 3: Set a bold vision, talk to customers, and relentlessly solve their problems. Start with experimentation. End with execution.


Startup formula for bootstrappers: 1. Solve an existing problem to attract instant revenue. 2. Ask for feedback from customers. Listen to them and improve the product. 3. Steer the company roadmap towards a big market with little competition. Then, keep going.


Red flag for consumer products: Trying to solve too many problems at launch when it’s usually better to do one thing really, really well


Here’s a playbook for coaches and consultants: 1) Find your first clients. 2) As you work with them, you’ll find to the common problems. 3) Scale your knowledge by creating an information product. People will pay-up for well-packaged information. Learn. Build. Sell. Repeat.


How to attract more career opportunities: 1) Raise your ambitions. 2) Tell others about your goals by writing online. Smart people want to help people who are working on hard and important problems. Think big.


Lesson from my podcast guests: Don’t rely on yourself. Instead of solving problems on your own, study how others have solved your problems in the past. Read history books and look for answers in other industries. The opposite of what I expected. Surprising.


There are two kinds of problem solvers: Most people solve problems for themselves. Entrepreneurs solve problems for everybody, forever.

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