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The online course arbitrage. People will pay $10-20 for a book, but those same people will pay $1,000-2,000 for the same information in a live video format. The lesson: People want more than information. They also want inspiration, accountability and friends to learn with.


I pay for 30+ software-as-a-service apps and all of them combined cost a fraction of what I pay the people who work for me. Business software is systematically under-priced.


Charge more is the best advice you’ll find. If you sell consulting, you‘ll attract interesting projects. If you sell software, you can make a better product. If you sell courses, you‘ll only teach serious students. The best customers are the ones who pay the most.


$10/month is the wrong price for most paid newsletters. The bad ones should be free. That way, the writer can maximize reach and build their audience. The good ones are worth hundreds of dollars per month because targeted, high-quality information is so rare.


Unpopular opinion: I like paying for digital apps. If you’re gonna do anything ambitious, you’re going to need customer support. Good customer service saves you tons of time. The value of time saved far exceeds the cost of the app. When in doubt, pay for the app.

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