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The paradox of creativity: Your work is done when it looks so simple that the consumer thinks they could've done it, which means they won't appreciate how hard you worked


More people should have personal podcasts. 20 episodes, 5 minutes each. Each one is about a specific aspect of your worldview. No ads. No fluff. Then, send the podcast to job recruiters or friends who want to learn about you.


Personal beliefs: 1. The world is extremely inefficient. There is low-hanging fruit everywhere. 2. People don’t learn from history. Study the greats. Find simple lessons. Copy the best stuff. 3. When in doubt, don’t blame individual people. Blame the incentives of the system.


The fastest way to improve your thinking is to write daily and defend a perspective you disagree with


We need more polymaths. People who can synthesize the wonderful worlds of physics, art, fashion, poetry, music, law, philosophy, economics, psychology, architecture, design, biology, aeronautics, literature, and technology. Great polymaths change how we see the world.


Whenever you find yourself thinking that people are rational, remember that people spend more on lottery tickets than movies, video games, music, sporting events, and books combined


I love when exceptional people explain their worldview. Examples: 1) Warren Buffett’s annual letters 2) Jeff Bezos’ letters to shareholders 3) George Soros’ speeches on the theory of reflexivity and fallibility Learn as much as you can. Then share your best ideas in public.


The world is going digital. What will the world look like in 10 years? Here are my predictions: Dominance of Cities Life in cities will become much more efficient. Examples include instant food delivery, cloud kitchens, self-driving cars, alternative modes of education.


If you want to make a living on the Internet, invent a name for what you do. Build expertise. Find your unique perspective. Coin your own term. Then, tell the world about it.


If you want to think originally, read outside your industry. • Avoid industry podcasts. • Put down the industry magazine. • Skip the top-recommended books. Borrow from other industries, so you can bring a fresh perspective to your work.


School: Learn in private, follow the syllabus, and write for the teacher. Real-life: Learn in public, follow your curiosity, and write for a global audience.


Whenever somebody says they don't like your work, remember that millions of people don't like the Mona Lisa.


WHY YOU SHOULD WRITE 1) Writing moves the world. The Bible, the Constitution, the Gettysburg Address. Study history. The written word is uniquely powerful. 2) Writing sharpens your thinking. The mind usually jumps from thought to thought, but writing forces you to slow down.


Dear writers, Focus on the smallest idea you can find. Don't try to explain your entire worldview in one article. Focus on the smallest idea you can find instead — which you can explain in one sentence. Brick-by-brick, article-by-article, you will build a Colesseum of ideas.


My ambitions come from hating school as a kid. • I was always bored. • I got terrible grades. • I performed terribly on all standardzed tests. Probably because I’m allergic to following directions. Now I want to re-design education and learn obsessively — on my own terms.


Physics is to science what philosophy is to the humanities. If you're just looking for a job, they aren't good things to study. But they are indispensable for people who want to think clearly, understand the world, and solve open-ended problems.


How to choose what to write about: 1) Write about things other people aren’t writing about. 2) If it makes your blood rush and your heart beat faster, you should probably write about it. 3) If you have a unique perspective, share it. Then, be prolific.


Professional goal: Write one long-form essay about the idea you know best. Write about an important topic, share your unique perspective, and make sure it‘ll still be relevant in ten years. Make it exceptional.


You have a liberal arts education in your pocket. Read old books, use Wikipedia to understand the main points, and listen to lectures on YouTube to hear different perspectives.


Three thoughts on cities: 1) The vibrancy of a city is determined less by its size and more by its density. 2) My favorite neighborhoods have marrow streets that are hard to navigate. 3) Shortening long commutes is one of the fastest ways to increase economic opportunity.


Podcasts made learning cool. In school, all the smartest kids were nerds so hard to learn wasn’t cool. Podcasts are changing that perception. People want to be like the big podcasters, which means that learning is cool again. Great time to be alive.


If you want to write long-form essays, start by writing book summaries. 1) Publish a 1,000-word synopsis of a book every week. 2) Keep publishing, but expand by adding your own interpretation. 3) Work your way up to a 5,000-word summary, glittered with your perspective.

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