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"The Writing Guy". He tweet about business, online learning, and Internet writing.

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Highly creative people have opposing personality traits. They are nerds and athletes. They are vulnerable and confident. They are open-minded and closed-minded. The spring of creative potential is watered with contradictions.


You can tell a lot about who you want to become by the people who make you jealous


Wealth diversification is normal. But in the future, people will diversify identities too. They'll build reputations under multiple identities so they can be resilient to misfortune.


Assume you don’t have free will. You are 100% programmed by your environment. If it’s true, you are what you consume. You become what you read. You act just like your friends. Might be a useful idea, even if it isn’t 100% true. Better inputs. Better outputs.


The second you’re predictable, you’re boring


If you want to start writing, but don’t want to be judged, write under a pseudonym. Build your audience in secret. Share your identity once you’re comfortable. Writing is a superpower, so don’t let excuses stop you.


Your social media feeds are a leading indicator for the quality of your life. Your wealth, your health, your happiness. You name it. You become what you consume. Choose wisely.


Write first. Plan your online persona second. Here’s why this works: When you write about what you’re uniquely interested in, you end up attracting like-minded people. The weirder your writing, the better. Write about what interests you.

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