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Let’s set the record straight. Attention spans aren’t falling. Opportunity costs are just rising. Big, big difference. People love long, in-depth content. But it needs to be really, really good.


Everybody is one exceptional essay away from a flood of career opportunities


Everybody takes screenshots. But nobody has a good way to organize them. Screenshots might be a billion dollar product opportunity. 💰


Having a website with articles you've published is like having a personal agent who finds career opportunities for you 24/7


Formula for new business ideas: Take a boring experience, and make it exciting. Examples: Gyms: Equinox Coffee: Starbucks Airlines: Virgin Atlantic Grocery Stores: Wegmans Endless opportunities.


A lesson from sales: "Time kills deals." Jump on good opportunities as fast as possible.


I love screenshots. I use them to save information, remember things, and add tasks to my to-do list. But now, I have thousands of saved screenshots that pollute my camera roll. Suspect I'm not alone. Big opportunity.


My go-to predictor of success is how fast people move on important opportunities


A well-written sentence can change your life. With the stroke of a pen, you can build your network, improve your thinking, and create opportunities for yourself. Best of all, it's easy to start writing. All you need is discipline. Learn to write.


People learn fastest when they can imitate other people. Chefs learn by watching other chefs. Dancers learn by watching other dancers. Athletes learn by watching other athletes. But knowledge workers can’t really watch each other in action. Business opportunity.


Forget about the size of your audience. Write for the smartest people in the world, the ones who can unlock opportunities with a single email.


My beliefs about work: 1) If you want to be prolific, you need to creative time as sacred. 2) If you count learning, I work way more than 40 hours per week. If you don’t, I work way less. 3) The economy is way, way bigger than you think. There’s opportunity everywhere.


Most colleges tell students about the same few industries: ∙ Law ∙ Finance ∙ Medicine ∙ Management consulting They're all prestigious, so colleges have an incentive to promote them. But the economy is absolutely huge. Students should know about all the opportunities.


Opportunity is everywhere. Learn as much as you can, and share the best of what you learn in public. Companies need writers. Companies need designers. Companies need engineers. Publish your learnings, so the Internet can create opportunities for you.


Take a moment to appreciate the power of writing online. When you share intelligent ideas, you accelerate human progress and attract incredible people and opportunities. Almost anybody can write. And everything you need is available online, for free. Writing is a superpower.


Demand for knowledge is going up. Demand for MBAs is going down. Thats it. That’s the opportunity for startups.


THE PARADOX OF SPECIFICITY On the internet, the narrower your brand, the more opportunities come to you. The internet is best matching tool ever invented. Pick an niche. Learn all about it. Share what you learn by writing online. And watch your life improve.


Writing online is like the Internet in 2000. People think they’re late, even though it’s still really early. If you can write consistently well about a topic nobody else is writing about, you’ll find tons of opportunity. Start writing.


The economy is much bigger than you think. People want to go to the same colleges, so they can build the same skills, and work at the same companies. But when you copy everyone else, you limit your opportunities. Don’t follow the spotlight. Create your own spotlight instead.


Three thoughts on cities: 1) The vibrancy of a city is determined less by its size and more by its density. 2) My favorite neighborhoods have marrow streets that are hard to navigate. 3) Shortening long commutes is one of the fastest ways to increase economic opportunity.


Big opportunity for people to open-source their creative process. ∙ Writers: show people how you write essays. ∙ Musicians: show people how you make music. ∙ Designers: show people how you make logos. Creatives build an audience. Fans have fun learning. Everybody wins.


The world is kind to curious people. Show up with energy and enthusiasm, and a kingdom of possibility will open to you.


Free online course ideas: 1) Productivity training: Use powerful software to help people save HOURS per week. 2) Public speaking: Such an important skill, but it scares people. 3) Career moves: Community & accountability for challenging job searches. All big opportunities.


Media forms to bet on: 1) Long-form writing: Few people can do it, and it builds incredible relationships with readers. 2) Long-form podcasting: People are hungry for intellectual depth. 3) Short-form podcasting: Easy to make. Easy to share. Lots of opportunity in all three.


How to attract more career opportunities: 1) Raise your ambitions. 2) Tell others about your goals by writing online. Smart people want to help people who are working on hard and important problems. Think big.


Two markets with lots of opportunity: 1) The Internet makes solo-entrepreneurship much easier. They'll support companies that help them outsource business operations. 2) The world is aging. Old people need technology that's designed for them. Profitable, but unsexy problems.


Opportunities arise when the world flips. • Our parents told us not to post online. Now personal brands are an asset. • Global shipping used to be expensive. Now it’s cheap. • Before phones, long-distance communication was expensive. Now it’s free. Keep your eyes open.


Don’t under-estimate the scale of the internet. No matter how big you think the internet is, it’s still bigger than that. More people. More ideas. More opportunities. Impossible to wrap your head around.


Survey data is very useful but people don’t like taking surveys. Business opportunity.

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