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The Industrial Age rewarded people who worked hard. The Information Age rewards people who are obsessed.


You can learn things much faster than you think. One year of obsession is all it takes to acquire a new skill.


There are two kinds of focus. 1) Concentrating on a problem for an afternoon. 2) Obsessing over something for years, and showing up every single day. We talk a lot about concentration, but if you study the greats, they're always obsessing over their craft. 24/7 focus.


Work-life balance doesn’t apply to creatives. Creative work is an irresistible magnet that makes life worth living. It’s an all-consuming obsession. Without it, your heart dies.


In creative work, being obsessed with your craft is more important than working hard


The best performers I know have one thing in common: obsession. Life is work. Work is life.


Many people try to race through books like they’re collecting mushrooms in a game of Mario Kart. But it’s better to read slowly. Obsess over your favorite writers. Read their best books twice. In general: Read more of the best, and less of the rest.


If you’re going to do creative work, you have to be obsessed with it. There is no other way.


Build once, benefit forever. That's my motto for building software-based products. Obsess over details at the beginning, and let robots take care of the rest. Make things that stand the test of time.


There should be TWO versions of every book: The short version and the long version. The Short Version is for average readers. 80-140 pages long and focuses on the most important stuff. The Long Version is for obsessives + academics. Can't wait for this to become a reality.


The more creative the industry, the more obsession is a competitive advantage

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