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People under-estimate two things: 1. The emotional challenges you face when you start writing online. 2. The benefits of writing online, even when you have a niche audience and 3-5 well-written essays on your personal website. Finding the courage to publish is the hardest part.


Law of the Internet: It is never too late to start making content in your niche


Picking the right game to play is more important than learning to win.


To find interesting ideas, look for people at the intersection of two fields which rarely overlap


The fastest way to become an expert is to create your own field of study


A lesson from Warren Buffett. Industry selection is a competitive advantage. For example, restaurants are notoriously difficult businesses so you should probably avoid them. Look for easier waters instead. The pond you jump in is more important than how well you can swim.


When starting a company, choosing your industry is 10% of the work but determines 50% of the outcome


Three trends for the future of work: 1) More short-term projects. Fewer long-term jobs. 2) Hyper-specialization: Pick a niche and own it. 3) Software automation: Creative and repetitive tasks will be automated. A dream world for brilliant marketers and capable entrepreneurs.


The school I want to build: 1) Start writing 2) Build an online audience 3) Start a company in your niche Graduate once you have a profitable business.


THE PARADOX OF SPECIFICITY On the internet, the narrower your brand, the more opportunities come to you. The internet is best matching tool ever invented. Pick an niche. Learn all about it. Share what you learn by writing online. And watch your life improve.


Until you start writing online, you don't realize that world experts will reach out to you once you start writing well about their area of interest


Personal knowledge management is a booming field, but I’m surprised there isn’t an expert for group knowledge management. Such a profitable niche.


The economy is much bigger than you think. People want to go to the same colleges, so they can build the same skills, and work at the same companies. But when you copy everyone else, you limit your opportunities. Don’t follow the spotlight. Create your own spotlight instead.


Niches on the Internet are bigger than you think, even after you account for the fact that niches on the Internet are bigger than you think.


The top creators on the Internet are prolific and unapologetically themselves. Find a small, but growing niche. Then, learn everything you can, and share the best of what you learn.


If you’re starting an online business, establish your own category. 1) Find your competitive edge. 2) Pick an industry without strong competitors where you can differentiate yourself. 3) Build your name by publishing the best of what you learn. Brand-building 101.


Things I'm thinking about: 1) As a group, academics should take religion more seriously. 2) A friendship is born when two people say: “You too, I thought I was the only one." 3) Small niches are more profitable than expected because the Internet is way bigger than you think.


The more creative the industry, the more obsession is a competitive advantage

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