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Writing online is a superpower. The Internet rewards people with obscure interests. Writing online will help you find other like-minded hobbyists who you wouldn’t be able to find in real-life.


Goal for your 20s: Find your “10 Club” Your 10 Club is a group of 10 people you want to work with later in life. They should be kind, ambitious, and generous. Travel together, meet their families, and attend their weddings.


Key goal of your 20s: Build relationships with people you want to work with later in life. The seeds of great companies are sown years before they’re built.


If you want to build deep friendships, you need extended time with people. Unfortunately, western culture makes this hard. Here’s my heuristic: Aim for at least three hours of conversation whenever you’re with a friend. Anything shorter leaves no room for the soul.


Partner with people who still have a lot of childhood friends because they’re the most loyal.


I've learned a lot from Peter Thiel. In particular, I admire his ability to bet on people. He surrounds himself with driven people with bold beliefs about the world. Then, he empowers them with money, attention, and encouragement. The ultimate node in a network of ambition.


My 5 Rules for Networking: 1. Smile 2. Laugh 3. Built friendships, not contacts. 4. Help the other person before you ask them to help you. 5. When in doubt, stay home. Most networking is a waste of time. Read, write and share your ideas online instead.


Writing is a superpower. Step 1: Learn about your favorite obscure topic. Step 2: Write about it. Step 3: Share your writing online. Then, hundreds of interesting people from around the world will contact you. And some will become your best friends.


Networking is a bad way to build a network


My career is driven by one insight. Writing on the internet give you massive leverage. Here’s why: Demand for quality content far exceeds the supply of it. Sharing ideas attracts kind and intelligent people. Some will become business partners. And others, lifelong friends.


To find interesting ideas, look for people at the intersection of two fields which rarely overlap


To future entrepreneurs: start writing online. No matter what kind of company you want to start, it pays to have a smart and targeted audience. Writing will help you build credibility, meet investors, and find future co-founders. Invest in your future


One simple change has made a HUGE difference in my life. Old: I used to hang with people for 60 minutes at a time. New: Now I spend 3-6 hours with friends at a time. The laughs are louder, the relationships are stronger, and the conversations are deeper. Strong recommend.


My favorite people are intellectually surprising. They‘re fun to talk to because they package ideas in ways I’ve never seen before. When you find a friend you respect, but often disagree with, keep them close. You’ll learn the most from them.


Modern networking: Make things, write about ideas, and tell people what you're working on.


A well-written sentence can change your life. With the stroke of a pen, you can build your network, improve your thinking, and create opportunities for yourself. Best of all, it's easy to start writing. All you need is discipline. Learn to write.


Writing online is networking for introverts. Instead of chasing the best people, you can have the best people come to you. Skip the conferences. Publish your best ideas instead.


Give knowledge work the same respect that great athletes give their sport. Train every day, write detailed improvement plans, and surround yourself with people who push you towards excellence.


If you want to see the future of marketing, study YouTubers. Three lessons: 1) Collaborations are an efficient way to grow your audience. 2) Audiences are drawn to enthusiasm like moths to a flame. 3) The internet rewards people who are prolific. Publish consistently.


When you first enter the business world, you look up to people older you and think they’re your ticket to success. Then you realize your peer group is the key.


Every time you share an idea on the Internet, robots carry them around the globe until they find your future friends — and they basically work for free


Write before you're an expert on a subject. Writing forces you to clarify your ideas and motivates you to accelerate your learning. By sharing what you learn, you'll attract experts who will share their knowledge with you. The more you publish, the faster you'll learn.


If you’re good at getting things done, one of the best career decisions you can make is to team up with an fast growing content creator and run their business operations. Creators want to spend their time creating.


Everybody raves about deep thinkers, but my favorite people to work with are deep feelers too. They’re sensitive to their emotions, but don’t get paralyzed by them.


Ambitious people need two things: 1. More direct feedback. 2. Encouragement to raise their aspirations. People with fast feedback loops and a supportive set of peers are unstoppable.


Ways to think about writing online: 1) Writing: How you discover what you’re thinking in the first place. 2) Writing: How to use the Internet to make friends. 3) Writing: Making your ideas work for you 24/7, as they spread across every corner of the globe.


On the Internet, people want to follow people — not brands.


My deepest conversations are often with total strangers. There’s no baggage in a first-time meeting, so you can speak from the heart. You can talk about love, grief, death, despair, and everything in between. What a beautiful thing.


Until you start writing online, you don't realize that world experts will reach out to you once you start writing well about their area of interest


Online courses: Come for the course, stay for the community. Instructors should focus on: • Live 1-on-1 chats for students to meet people • Tools for students to message each other • Ways for students to help each other • Systems to match students with shared interests


Learning in public is the business card of the future


Email and meetings are the entropy of work. The more people you meet, the more they take over — and eventually, they want to occupy 100% of your productive time. But if you want to make things, you need free time. Make space for creative work.


The paradox of book publishing. Publishers want authors who have a popular idea, a big email list, a big-name blog, lots of connections, and the skills to promote themselves. But authors who have all those things don’t need a publisher. And that’s why publishers want them.


There are two ways to find original ideas to write about: access and revelation. 1) Access happens when you have proprietary information, usually because of your experiences. 2) Revelation happens when you connect public information in new ways, usually because of hard work.


Two connected trends: 1. The end of lifetime employment. 2. People moving to cities. Employers don’t promote lifetime job security anymore. But strong professional networks bring career stability, even after you change jobs. Cities are the best place to build your network.


Writing online is networking for people who don’t like networking. (And it works way better too 😜)


2010s: The decade of online dating. 2020s: The decade of online friendship.


The internet rewards individuals. We care more about our favorite writers than the publications they work for. And that’s why market power is shifting from brands to individuals. On the internet people want to connect with people.


Thoughts on college. Short-term, I wish I’d focused on timely skills. Long-term, I wish I’d focused on timeless subjects like physics, philosophy, and art history. Regardless, who you meet and how intensely you learn is much more important than your major.


Silicon Valley has an excellent culture of ideas because so many of the big names would‘ve been academics if startups weren’t so profitable


Broke: Network at a bar 🍺 Woke: Network by writing on the internet 📱 Writing is shareable, long-lasting, and INFINITELY scalable. Writing is modern networking.


Writing online is the world’s best networking tool. When in doubt skip drinks, and write instead. Over a long enough time horizon, choosing to write is the obvious choice.

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