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This is the age of one-person media companies. Here’s the business model: • Build an email list. • Grow your list with free content. • Monetize with a subscription. • Fans pay for podcasts, ask-me-anything episodes, and behind-the-scenes videos. Small teams. Big margins.


If I ran an investment fund, I’d have a simple thesis: • People are increasingly willing to pay for productivity software. • Online learning is about to explode because we’re losing faith in the traditional college system. • It’s becoming easier to monetize social capital.


If you want to make a living on the Internet, invent a name for what you do. Build expertise. Find your unique perspective. Coin your own term. Then, tell the world about it.


Three trends I'd bet on: 1) Monetization for individual creators, especially podcasts. 2) Live, community-based online education. The social experience is more fun and helps people learn faster. 3) Media companies that use content as a marketing channel, not a revenue stream.


Creator monetization is growing fast. Creators want to create, not run a business. Now they can. Creator-focused agencies are rising up just as software tools are removing a lot of the complexity. Wealth is transferring from big-name media companies to solo creators.


Idea: Show notes for conversations. The app listens to your conversations, and curates a list of links mentioned, people referenced, and books recommended. Monetize with advertising or subscription revenue. Free version for consumers. Paid version for businesses.

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