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A company with constant meetings is a company where nobody gets anything done


End meetings with five minutes of silent writing time. Answer the following questions: ∙ What are my top takeaways? ∙ What are the next steps? ∙ What questions do I still have? Resist the urge to jump to the next activity.


Dear Brands, Create rituals. Send a daily email, publish a weekly podcast, or host an annual meetup. Rituals are the secret behind many great brands. By being consistent and predictable, they create customer loyalty.


I wonder how much time we lose because 30-minute meetings are the default. The vast majority of meetings should be 5 minutes long, and the rest shouldn’t have a time limit.


Unpopular opinion: Video conferencing is more productive than meeting in-person. Easier to stay on topic. Harder to get distracted.


Meetings are too easy to create. When you add up employee salaries, they cost hundreds of dollars per hour. People should have to pitch big meetings. They should write detailed memos that show effort and clarity of thought. The meeting only happens if the pitch is good.


Email and meetings are the entropy of work. The more people you meet, the more they take over — and eventually, they want to occupy 100% of your productive time. But if you want to make things, you need free time. Make space for creative work.


Trying something new: No in-person meetings shorter than 2 hours. No coffees. No lunches. Focusing on long walks and longer conversations.


I'm writing an epic introduction to writing online. I'll talk about every aspect of writing online: cultivating ideas, writing, distribution, email, and meeting like-minded people.

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