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One way to measure the quality of a book: the number of thoughts you’ve never had before.


If you want to start a company, look for an important problem that people can’t measure so you can build for years without competition


A series of excellent online essays is a better signal of clear thinking than most college diplomas


Teachers can learn from professional sports coaches: • Measure performance • Personalized training programs • Students improve by doing • Fast feedback loops • Inspiring goal to train for My best coaches had ultra-high standards because we shared wins and losses together.


The easiest mistake to make: Focusing on what you can measure instead of what's important.


Three thoughts on measurement: 1) If you want to improve an outcome, measure it. 2) Focus on qualitative metrics at the beginning of a project. Save the quantitative ones for later. 3) Don’t let fear of imperfect measurement stop you from measuring anything at all.


Measure the quality of a brand by the amount of user-generated content you see about it.

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