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If you want to learn writing, skip class and start a blog. If you want to learn marketing, skip class and build a business. If you want to learn psychology, skip class and spend a day in a casino. Reality is the world’s best classroom.


I see a clear opportunity in podcasting. Make short, information-dense podcasts that are easy to binge. No fluff. Use them to tell your personal story or as a marketing channel for your company. Podcasts are the business cards of the future.


Goal for your 20s: Get really good at doing something valuable, but scarce. Then, advertise your skills.


One of the biggest myths in marketing is that you need multiple channels to succeed. Find one channel that works and ride it to the top.


Save money on marketing by teaching your customers instead of buying their attention


Past: "Every company is a tech company now." Future: "Every company is a media company now." Three reasons why: 1. The entire media business is inverting. 2. Content and commerce are converging. 3. Marketing and entertainment are the same thing now. Media is eating the world.


Old: Build a product, then an audience. New: Build an audience, then a product. Entrepreneurs with organic reach can launch and test their products without paid media. The creators of today are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


The fastest way to get free marketing for your business is to share your strategy and tell people what you’re working on


Every city has different billboards. 1) San Francisco: Highway 101 promotes tech companies. 2) Los Angeles: Sunset Boulevard promotes movies. 3) New York: The subway promotes direct-to-consumer brands. Billboards reveal a city’s culture.


My rules for business: 1) Team up with people who work fast. 2) Communicate in long-form writing as much as possible. 3) Do two kinds of planning: weekly planning and quarterly planning. Then, execute. 4) Learning and sharing the best of what I learn is my marketing strategy.


A/B testing is over-rated. If you want to build something innovative, follow your intuition. Skip the market research and bet on a bold vision of the future.


Marketers are applied psychologists. The best ones don't sell products. They sell people on their future selves.


Three trends for the future of work: 1) More short-term projects. Fewer long-term jobs. 2) Hyper-specialization: Pick a niche and own it. 3) Software automation: Creative and repetitive tasks will be automated. A dream world for brilliant marketers and capable entrepreneurs.


If you want to start a business, writing online is the best way to start. Writing online makes marketing easier. The people who read your writing now will become your customers in the future. An audience will speed up your path to profitability.


If you’re starting a business, solve problems other people aren’t solving. Don’t copy. Competition makes marketing expensive. But differentiation is free marketing.


Ambitious projects are under-rated. Paradoxically, ambition makes some things MUCH easier. Benefits of ambitious goals: 1. Way less competition 🥊 2. Easier to recruit employees 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 3. Others want to promote the project for you 📽️ Wish I'd learned this earlier.


Three thoughts on marketing: 1) Marketing is increasingly important. 2) Technology changes, but the basic principles stay the same. Read old marketing books. 3) People under-estimate the power of repetition. The more you hear something, the more likely you are to believe it.


If you want to see the future of marketing, study YouTubers. Three lessons: 1) Collaborations are an efficient way to grow your audience. 2) Audiences are drawn to enthusiasm like moths to a flame. 3) The internet rewards people who are prolific. Publish consistently.


How Online Course Marketing Works Start with an audience: Online education is a marketing business. The success of your course depends on the quality of your audience.


Three trends I'd bet on: 1) Monetization for individual creators, especially podcasts. 2) Live, community-based online education. The social experience is more fun and helps people learn faster. 3) Media companies that use content as a marketing channel, not a revenue stream.


Investment memos are a 10/10 marketing strategy. • Teaching is an excellent way to build trust with current and future customers. • Transparency attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones. Warren Buffett has been writing yearly letters since 1965. Brilliant.


Overrated: A/B testing. Underrated: Vision.


Online marketing in two sentences: Learn obsessively. Teach the best of what you learn.


Online marketing in three words: Teach, don't sell. Learn as much as you can. Then, share the best things you learn for free.


You can build a big business with only one marketing channel. Focus first, diversify later.


Marketing 101: Benefits first, features second. People want to know what your product can do for them. If your product promise is interesting, people will give you their attention. Save the specifics for later.


Lessons from creating an online course: 1) Making a course is hard. But marketing is the ultimate differentiator. 2) People come for the results, but stay for the people. 3) Over time, the ideas in your course will become a commodity. Community is the long-term differentiator.


Thoughts on marketing: 1) Social media gets the attention, but email is the secret weapon. 2) Live video workshops are the fastest way to build a relationship with a future customer. 3) The more people share your ideas, the lower your marketing costs. Organic marketing works.


Rules for marketing my writing school: 1) Write every day: The Internet rewards people who are prolific. 2) Attract stellar people: Write for the world’s smartest, kindest, and most ambitious people. 3) Word-of-mouth: Do things that are fun to talk about. That’s basically it.


Good marketers are market-driven, great ones drive the market.


Influencer marketing isn't dead. In fact, it's just beginning. When executed properly, influencer marketing is the perfect three-way partnership. 1. Customers get free entertainment. 2. Brands increase their sales. 3. Influencers get paid to do exciting work.


Business idea: Make content for people who want to sell their company. ∙ 10-part podcast about the business model ∙ Company history interviews with key executives ∙ Videos about the future of the company If they're good, they'll be shared widely which may attract a buyer.

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