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Online course idea: How to consume information. It’s such an important topic and few people study it carefully. Eventually, people will watch their information diet like they watch what they eat. Good frameworks will make society smarter too. Important problem, huge market.


Selling your first product will teach you more about your customers than years of market research


Online education will create winner-take-all classes. The best teachers for popular subjects will spend millions on high-quality production. As they dominate the market, they’ll invest more and attract even more students. Like the rest of the Internet, the big will get bigger.


A/B testing is over-rated. If you want to build something innovative, follow your intuition. Skip the market research and bet on a bold vision of the future.


Stories move markets more than numbers ever will


Free business idea. A market place for high-quality copy editors. Here’s why it’s worth considering: 1) Most people enjoy writing, but need help with editing. 2) Even in the age of the Internet, it’s surprisingly hard to find good editors. 3) Editors can work 100% remotely.


The market for high-end fitness is 10x bigger than people think.


Startup formula for bootstrappers: 1. Solve an existing problem to attract instant revenue. 2. Ask for feedback from customers. Listen to them and improve the product. 3. Steer the company roadmap towards a big market with little competition. Then, keep going.


Businesses I'd start if I had the time: 1) A writing app that actually helps people write. Right now, the top writing apps sell because they're simple. But I want to make one that's helpful. 2) A marketplace for writers to meet intelligent editors who double as writing coaches.


Two-steps to improve the quality of your work. Step 1: Share your work in public. Step 2: Sell your best work. The free market is the best learning machine ever invented.


Good marketers are market-driven, great ones drive the market.


The best way to succeed is to define your own market. Average companies take a chunk of their market. Good companies monopolize their market. Great companies monopolize the market they created. Grow the market. Grow the company.


Two markets with lots of opportunity: 1) The Internet makes solo-entrepreneurship much easier. They'll support companies that help them outsource business operations. 2) The world is aging. Old people need technology that's designed for them. Profitable, but unsexy problems.


1) Operational excellence is an under-rated competitive edge. 2) In public markets, arbitrage human behavior. In private markets, monopolize access to high-quality talent. 3) The most valuable ideas are shared in whispers.

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