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Own your distribution. If you write online, focus on these two platforms: 1) Email 2) Websites Invest in the long-term.


Talking to a very smart friend. He says STAMINA is an key indicator of long-term success. People with stamina: - Respond well to failure - Have obsessive personalities - They do similar things on weekdays and weekends (my favorite one) Secret way to find under-valued talent.


So much of success can be explained in one sentence: “I had one good idea and executed like a crazy person for 10 years.”


There are two kinds of focus. 1) Concentrating on a problem for an afternoon. 2) Obsessing over something for years, and showing up every single day. We talk a lot about concentration, but if you study the greats, they're always obsessing over their craft. 24/7 focus.


Three trends for the future of work: 1) More short-term projects. Fewer long-term jobs. 2) Hyper-specialization: Pick a niche and own it. 3) Software automation: Creative and repetitive tasks will be automated. A dream world for brilliant marketers and capable entrepreneurs.


YouTube is the world’s biggest school. For years, I’ve picked long-term learning projects and watched an educational video whenever I had free time. Better yet, the algorithmic recommendations fuel your learning. First I taught myself economics. Now I’m learning art history.


Write every day. Publish one article per week. Read one incredible book per month. Do it for 4 years and you’ll learn more than the average college graduate.


Facts about writing on the internet: 1. It takes time to build an audience. That’s why it’s so valuable. 2. The most interesting people you meet will find you online. 3. People over estimate the short-term benefits of writing but under-estimate the long-term benefits.


If you want to start a company, look for an important problem that people can’t measure so you can build for years without competition


Teachers can motivate students with fear or reward, but only self-directed learning works in the long run


Secret to hospitality: small gifts. • If you run a Airbnb, leave chocolate on the bed. • If you run a fashion store, give away drinks. Free bonuses assume a long-term relationship. Naturally, people reciprocate with good vibes and good reviews.


Give a student a curriculum and they can learn for a month. Teach a student to be self-motivated and they can learn for a lifetime.


In the future, schools will pay students to attend in exchange for long-term financial upside


Build once, benefit forever. That's my motto for building software-based products. Obsess over details at the beginning, and let robots take care of the rest. Make things that stand the test of time.


Lessons from creating an online course: 1) Making a course is hard. But marketing is the ultimate differentiator. 2) People come for the results, but stay for the people. 3) Over time, the ideas in your course will become a commodity. Community is the long-term differentiator.


Thoughts on college. Short-term, I wish I’d focused on timely skills. Long-term, I wish I’d focused on timeless subjects like physics, philosophy, and art history. Regardless, who you meet and how intensely you learn is much more important than your major.


People are short-term thinkers who depend on tradition to help their society survive in the long-term

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