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Lessons from different fields: 1) Advertising: We overestimate our capacity for independent thought. 2) Poker: Life is probabilistic. We can do everything right and still lose. 3) Architecture: We're influenced by our environment, especially when we don’t realize it.


You hit escape velocity when you like personal growth more than passive entertainment


Books: A lifetime of wisdom for ten bucks and 20 hours of your time


The people who die with the most regret are the ones who had a creative vision, but never followed through with it


The best thing playing sports taught me was how to fail in public and keep going like it doesn't even matter. One of those lessons you need to learn when you're young.


Picking the right game to play is more important than learning to win.


School: No notes. No Internet. No calculators. Real-life: Unlimited notes, unlimited Internet, unlimited calculators.


Conventional wisdom says that more education is better. But I think we need less. People should be able to find their first jobs with 12-18 months of vocational training. Then, once they're financially stable, we should encourage them to continue their education.


Writing well is a way of life. You can’t just sit down at your keyboard and expect to write great sentences. To write well, you have to live a rich life away from the computer. That’s the hard part. Live first. Write second.


My philosophy of LEARNING: Treat learning like a process, not a product. Learning is a way of life. Every day counts. Strive to appreciate the world. Ignore boundaries between disciplines. Examine your assumptions. The holy grail is finding JOY in this daily ritual.


Tests in school should be open-note, just like real life


A well-written sentence can change your life. With the stroke of a pen, you can build your network, improve your thinking, and create opportunities for yourself. Best of all, it's easy to start writing. All you need is discipline. Learn to write.


The best performers I know have one thing in common: obsession. Life is work. Work is life.


We underestimate how much of human progress comes from people seeing that something is possible. ∙ Bannister was the 1st person to run a 4-minute mile. Now, people do it all the time. ∙ Tony Hawk was the first person to land a 720, but a 2nd grader just landed the same trick.


School: Learn in private, follow the syllabus, and write for the teacher. Real-life: Learn in public, follow your curiosity, and write for a global audience.


"When you start to study a field, it seems like you have to memorize a zillion things. You don’t. What you need is to identify the core principles that govern the field The million things you thought you had to memorize are simply various combinations of the core principles."


Life is like a conference. Everyone looks at the main stage, but most of the interesting stuff happens away from it. Skip the main event. Chat in the halls and over cocktails at night instead. Truth runs away from the spotlight.


Working with exceptional people is one of the greatest joys in life. Nobody told me this.


Thoughts on building skills: 1) The ultimate goal is to be the only person who does what you do. 2) The most valuable skills don't have a name. They're based on your unique character traits, so they're one-of-a-kind. 3) The Internet makes differentiated skills more valuable.


The easiest way to be interesting is to surprise people, and the easiest way to surprise people is to surprise yourself


Law of nature: No matter how much time you have for a project, you’ll be cramming at the end


People don’t trust intuition anymore. We now worship the cold gospel of logic and rationality. We‘ve lost faith in genius. We’ve lost faith in destiny. We’ve lost faith in vocation. But greatness begins with following the light of intuition. Listen to your muse.


Your social media feeds are a leading indicator for the quality of your life. Your wealth, your health, your happiness. You name it. You become what you consume. Choose wisely.


Never been a big fan of birthday presents but surprising people with random gifts at random times is my favorite thing ever.


Waiting to start writing until you’ve “found your voice” is like waiting to start driving until all the lights are green.


Books are a form of time travel. They link the past with the present, and the present with the future. We read books to learn from our ancestors. And we write them to teach our descendants. The collective wisdom of humanity lives inside the great books.


Best way to become a better writer: Live an interesting life. Talk to people who make you think. Travel to places that spring you to life. Live the kind of life you’ll want to tell your grandchildren about.


The average person should use more checklists in their personal life. Especially in moments of panic.


Good listeners listen to what people are saying, great ones listen for the silences between words when people talk the loudest.


There are two kinds of decisions: 1) Reversible decisions 2) Non-reversible decisions In life, you’re faced with very few non-reversible decisions. The vast majority of decisions are entirely reversible. Make reversible decisions quickly. Don’t get stuck.


Wisdom for creators: People love long-form content. Joe Rogan has a massive podcast and Game of Thrones stole the entire culture. They captivate us with laugh-out-loud humor and imaginative stories. That’s why we’re fans for life. Long-form content is the golden ticket.


We used to use the Internet to escape the real world. Now we use the real world to escape the Internet.


Few things in life are better than working with kind, inspired, and imaginative people.


You know somebody is influential when people mimic their speech patterns


There are few things in life more rewarding than falling in love with an author and reading everything they've ever written.

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